Anti Vibration Camera Mounts

If you have a camera, you want to take photos that are clear and at least an approximate likeness of whatever you are shooting. Whether you are an amateur with a once in a lifetime shot or you are professional trying to get the shots that actually pay your bills, you know that you need to do anything that you can to eliminate issues with the camera as well as anything that might destroy the perfection of your finished shot. There are two major issues that you need to be aware of: the loss of the shot and the potential damage to the camera itself. Depending on where you are using the camera, that damage might be even more serious.

Extreme Photography Situations

You may never get to take a photo from the inside of a race car or from high above the trees from an airplane, but there are many people who do just that for a living. For them, the perfect shot will only come along once in a lifetime. After all, that cloud formation is going to dissipate and be gone forever in just seconds. Rounding a curve in a speeding race car is going to look different each and every time. You never get a second chance at some of these shots. If this is how you are making your living, you know that you are going to need to make sure that the shots are worth snapping. And that means reducing some of the vibration that is part of the situation.

The Truth about Planes and Vibrations

The average person thinks that a plane ride is a smooth as silk ride because it is the sky, after all. But, if you have ever been in a plane, you know that there are bumps and dips to deal with because of air pockets and other natural anomalies. The larger the plane, the less likely you are to notice most of these, but in all planes, there are some jolts that you can’t ignore. Whether you feel them or not, there are other actions and mechanisms in play during that plane ride that can impact the photos that you want to take.

The powerful engines that keep the plane flying high in the sky cause serious vibrations that can cause issues with the camera and the potential photos from the very moment that you walk on board, even before the plane leaves the ground. It is important that you protect your shots from these tiny movements via an anti vibration camera mount.

There are many situations that require a photo from an airplane. For example, these shots are often commissioned by people who want to see the appearance of their homes from high above. Photos are also used to study weather patterns and for dramatic but still artistic shots. Scenes from airplanes are also widely used in the motion picture industry at all levels.

Racing in a Monster

If you have ever been in the family car, cruising around at a speed well above the posted speed limit, you only have the slightest bit of a concept of race car driving. Imagine that you are stuck within the belly of a giant, raging and rampaging beast, jostled about as it moves at lightning fast speeds, bent on whatever destruction it has in mind. A race car’s engine is big and boisterous, not meant for comfort or stealth but for nothing more than power and speed. A race car is loud and creates vibrations that are felt by the drivers, the spectators – everyone gets a little taste of the vibration. But, even at speeds that can top out at or near two hundred miles per hour, there are often needs for photographs.

Racing photos are taken for the fans who want a piece of the action. Those photos have to be as up close and personal as possible so that the fan feels like they are right there in the car, speeding around that track. There are other reasons for the racing photo though. Sometimes they are taken to investigate new possible safety rules and regulations. Sometimes they are taken to make improvements in racetrack design. No matter why they are being taken, the slightest amount of camera revibration can destroy the appearance of a photo, but inside of a race car, there is no such thing as “slight” vibration.

Protecting Your Camera

Inside of the camera are some delicate mechanisms that can be destroyed by just a tiny grain of sand or vibration coming from your own hands. The more delicate the camera, the more sensitive those internal mechanisms can be. To make sure that your camera is taking the right kind of photos without any kind of damage, you have to make sure that you are reducing vibration as much as possible. That typically means that you need to use an anti-vibration camera mount- the more important the photo, the more vital these become.

Why Sorbothane® Is Often the Only Solution You Need

Photos are a critical part of human life. We use photos to remember special events and to study for the future. We use photos as art, as a warning and as education. Protecting our cameras and getting the very best photo possible is a very important consideration and one that we often leave until the last moment.

New photographers might have no idea about the need for an anti vibration camera mount until they are already in the air or strapped into the race car, usually at a moment when they cannot find a good solution. Once they stop racing around the track or they come back to land, they can usually find their photos are sadly lacking and that is when they search for a solution. Some are going to think a camera upgrade is what they need, but that is never going to be the only solution that is needed. Instead, Sorbothane anti-vibration camera mounts are the solution to getting the clearest and best photos even in the speeding race car or the soaring airplane.