Controlling vibration – or anti-vibration control – is very important for many reasons including damage to the human body and damage to structural or mechanical systems. Some of the most common anti vibration control application include pads, gloves, specially designed feet for machinery, mounts and tables. Of course these are just a sampling of the simple solutions around us every day.

Anti Vibration Solutions:

Protection of The Human Body

Sorbothane¨ brings a superior level of comfort when used to protect the human body. Sorbothane palm pads provide protection in anti-vibration gloves for example. We produce these pads for several glove manufacturers who assemble them into their premium gloves, SorboGelT, a translucent version of Sorbothane is also offered as a lighter weight alternative to Sorbothane. SorboGelT is usually applied when minimum weight and maximum protection are desired in an application.

Vibration Isolation In Extreme Conditions

Formula One engines have anywhere between 600-1000 horsepower and they can put out about 12000-19000 rpm. For extreme situations like this, Sorbothane anti-vibration isolators absorb axial and lateral forces generated at speeds in excess of 180 mph. Shock and vibration are minimized so that the on-board camera can focus cleanly. Shock absorption and vibration isolation in the same material.

In high value electronics where you need a great anti-vibration solution, Sorbothane works.

Anti-Vibration Protection For Products

Sorbothane is a castable polymer material that can be shaped and colored to meet your needs. Its unique, liquid solid properties make Sorbothane the material of choice for shock and vibration solutions related to electronics. Anti-vibration protection for disk drives and many other types of electronics devices is an important part of a successful product. Sorbothane mounts create lower system natural frequencies and guard against resonance to create a superior performing product.

Since 1982 Sorbothane has designed and engineered a very diverse list of anti-vibration and shock control solutions. We’ve accomplished everything from transporting the Liberty Bell to protecting the feet of athletes and everything in between. Sorbothane combines over a century of tested experience in the design and manufacturing of anti-vibration components that protect the integrity and performance of your product. Engineers worldwide choose Sorbothane for their anti-vibration applications. Learn how we can support your product.