How to Get Help with Material Force Absorption

Sources of force that transmit unwanted energy

Impact force, vibration, compressive stress, acoustical shock, and shear force—sources of undesirable energy that can result in injury, damage, and loss, when not properly controlled. As these various types of forces impact your workers, machinery, and products, they transfer energy that causes damage to—sensitive product shipments, employee hearing, and colliding metal machine parts.

Protect from undesirable energy

The undesirable energy originating from impact, vibration, compression, noise, and shear force causes damage and injury. Ultimately, this results in rework, waste, and down time. To avoid this situation, you must find a way to safely and effectively absorb the energy that results from extraneous forces, before it results in negative consequences. You need to know how to get help with material force absorption. Sorbothane®, is the most efficient energy absorbing material—making it the best material force absorber on the market.

What is Sorbothane and how can it help with material force absorption?

Sorbothane is a one of a kind polymeric compound that possess viscoelastic attributes. Viscoelastic refers to the fact that Sorbothane displays characteristics of both liquids (viscous solutions—ones that can flow) and solids (elastic materials). While a load (experiencing impact force, vibration, compressive stress, shear force, or acoustical shock) is being applied, Sorbothane flows like a liquid. It behaves as an elastic solid, due to the fact that it returns to its initial shape once forces are removed. Sorbothane is uniquely able to safely disperse absorbed energy as heat—away from the source of impact—protecting workers, products, and machinery. Sorbothane can be cast in any size, shape and color, conforms to irregular surfaces for maximum contact, and can withstand extreme temperatures. In many applications, Sorbothane has displayed absorption of shock energy approaching 95%. In short, you need to know—how to get help with material force absorption. Contact Sorbothane. Sorbothane is specified by engineers worldwide for its unsurpassed material force absorption properties.

Sorbothane—the solution for your material force absorption requirements

Sorbothane has produced a line of products that will help with material force absorption. These include: Bushings and Washers–essential for absorbing shock and vibration in machinery; Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings—absorb shock before it reaches your delicate cargo; Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet—dissipates the blow’s impact to eliminate impact shock. Sorbothane can be incorporated into machines and appliances to protect against shock, vibration, and noise. To meet your specific material force absorption needs—consider Sorbothane Strips and Sheet Stock. Our highly experienced engineers are here to assist you with customization. For more information, or to receive assistance, contact Sorbothane.

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