What is a Good Material for Shock Absorption?

Situations exist all around us in which people, products, and equipment are subjected to impact shock. It is important that you understand shock and are aware of effective shock protection. Impact force is a force that delivers a shock or high impact in a relatively short period of time. It happens when two bodies—of any kind–collide. This collision is the result of one body falling onto, or slamming into, another body. This collision delivers a shock wave, as energy, that is transferred to the impacted body(s). This energy is what actually causes damage and injury. Injury may occur when a carpenter strikes a nail or when a runner’s foot impacts the pavement. Damage may result when metal machine parts slam together or when cases of sensitive electronic devices are jostled around during shipping. For businesses—this unwanted energy is causing injury and damage to your workers, equipment, and products.

How you can protect against shock

The impact force that transfers the energy of the shock to your workers, products, and equipment—causing injury and damage—ultimately causes rework, waste, and downtime. To counteract this, you must discover a means for absorbing this energy safely and effectively. What is a good material for shock absorption? Sorbothane® is the most efficient energy absorbing material on the market, hence—it is the best shock absorption material available today.

What is Sorbothane and how can it effectively provide absorb shock?

Sorbothane—on the market since 1982—is a proprietary polymeric material with viscoelastic properties. Viscoelastic polymers possess properties of liquids (viscous solutions—ones that can flow) as well as solids (elastic materials). When subjected to a load (impacted by shock), Sorbothane flows like a liquid. It exhibits characteristics of an elastic solid by returning to its original shape after forces are removed. Unique to viscoelastic materials, Sorbothane safely disperses absorbed energy (from shock) outward from the source of impact in the form of heat, protecting workers, materials, products, and machinery. So, just what is a good material for shock absorption? Sorbothane—in many applications it has achieved energy shockwave absorption of near 95%. It has been scientifically demonstrated to absorb shock efficiently for millions of cycles—unlike foam or fluid-based shock absorbers. Sorbothane is specified by engineers worldwide for its shock absorption properties.

Addressing your shock absorption needs with Sorbothane

Sorbothane has created a line of products that afford shock protection. Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings absorb shock that would damage sensitive cargo. Our Sorbothane Bushings and Washers are effectively absorbs shock in machinery. Together these products act as a floating bolt—isolating your equipment from damaging metal-to-metal contact. Your workers can also benefit from our unique products, such as our Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet. Sorbothane Strips and Sheet Stock give you the ability to address your specific applications. This material can withstand a broad range of temperatures without degrading—making it the ideal choice for your shock absorption needs in harsh and extreme workplace and shipping environments. Our engineering staff is also here for customization. Contact Sorbothane for information and assistance.

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