Making the Case for Noise Dampening and Better Noise Control

That a factory or manufacturing plant would be loud is a given. However, there are ways to protect the employees that are working there from the excessive noise. Noise pollution is bad enough for the other businesses that are in the area but for the people who are working in and around that building, protection against this excessive noise is crucial.

There are a ways to reduce some of the noise that is created by the ordinary operation of machines including using noise dampening materials. It is important that noise be controlled no matter what the situation is because of the serious health risks involved with excessive noise.

In many jurisdictions, the term “excessive noise” can refer to either the period of time that the employee is exposed to the noise and the actual loudness of the noise. The proper use of noise dampening materials especially in and around the largest machines in the building can help keep the company free from legal issues stemming from this noise but can also mean that they are protecting their employees. Excessive noise affects the physical, mental and emotional health of all employees and can be very serious.

Noise dampening materials can save the company money. Every sick day that is eliminated from the employees is money that is saved, overall.

To put the need of noise dampening material in perspective, consider this: a large truck generates sound equal to around 85 decibels. That is high enough to count as excessive noise from an employee’s standpoint, especially when they are exposed to that level of noise for an extended period of time.

The typical large machine may create an even higher level of noise. In addition to the potential for hearing damages or permanent and total hearing loss, there are a number of other health related problems that can be caused by this excessive noise. From issues with thoughts and concentration, sleep disturbances, fatigue and aggression, to a lowered immune system response, excessive noise can lead to some serious problems.

Additional problems which can be potentially alleviated by the use of noise dampening material can include a release of excessive levels of adrenaline and cortisol which can cause an increase in not only stress but in the buildup of belly fat which has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of additional health conditions. Excessive noise also can cause increased high blood pressure, a higher heart rate, irritability and headaches and gastric ulcers. Many of these conditions also increase the risk for even more serious problems like heart disease and stroke.

Noise dampening materials can protect the employee from being exposed to the excessive noise that is being generated by the machines in the building. Indoors, these noises are even more concentrated and can be a more serious problem, while outdoors, some of the noises are automatically disperse and are less painful to deal with.

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