What Can an Isolation Pad Do For Your Business?

What is this new pad and just what does it do for business? Our isolation pads are made from a type of viscoelastic polymer called Sorbothane. This thermoset material provides protection against friction, heavy vibration and shock. In addition to providing protection through strength of material, our isolation pads also combine shock absorption, memory and vibration damping. Whereas many products similar to this offer one or the other, our Isolation Pads are unique in that they include all features in one product.

This product also has a durable life and a wide temperature range, reaching beyond 160° Fahrenheit. The pads themselves are not made from fluid derivative substances or foam, unlike many other inferior quality pads. These absorbent materials can support huge and dangerous machinery for a countless number of cycles.

One of the great things about Sorbothane Isolation Pad is that it can eliminate the need for metal springs, which is what causes a great deal of shock in the first place.  This technology can be exploited in a number of different areas, including industrial manufacturing, medical work, and electronic production.  In addition, many business owners have found that these pads can work in ergonomic applications and sealing.  Last but not least, these pads can even be used for athletic equipment.

The technology behind the Sorbothane Isolation Pad is one that combines viscous technology and elastic technology. Both technologies are beneficial; viscous material is liquid based and deforms under heavy loading while sending energy in all directions. It does not recover the shape even when the load is taken away. Elastic technology does change back to the original shape.  This model combines both technologies for improved performance and safety. The high damping coefficient helps to reduce reaction and to take in that extra energy.

The energy is converted into heat and this can absorb over 90% of the full force.  This type of material is also available with fire retardant and chemical resistance.  Sorbothane pads are sold in a variety of durometers.  The parts are cast between 30 and 70 durometers on the Shore “00″ scale. However, they can also be cast lower, down to 20 or as high as 80.

If you are thinking of going into business, and especially if you work with heavy machinery, then think about reinforcing your tools and manufacturing line. Remember, friction and unevenly padded environments can cause damage to products, to assembly line parts and more importantly, to human bodies.

So safeguard your workers, machinery, parts and reduce the noise through isolation vibration technology with Sorbothane. Ignoring these issues may be costing you time, money and manpower. Maximize your efficiency and reduce downtime, while also extending the life of your tools and parts.

You can start looking for the Sorbothane Isolation Pad and other Sorbothane products online. This material is phenomenal and made to withstand the best that our machines or even gravity can dish out!

Want to learn more about Sorbothane’s solutions? Download our Standard Products Guide to learn more.