Noise Protection Made Easy

Do you sometimes find that you do not hear things clearly and even have to ask people to repeat the things they say to you? It could be that you have a hearing problem, and it could be that your hearing problem has been caused by exposure to excessive noise. Of course, it is pretty much impossible to eliminate all noise from our lives, but there are steps we can take to reduce the noise in our living environments and even where we work. In fact, many employers these days are doing many things for noise protection, including using machines and insulation made with Sorbothane, which helps to reduce and even eliminated a lot of unwanted noises.

You Need More Than Just Ear Plugs

Many people are now wearing ear plugs when they know that they are going to be exposed to excessive noises, such as when they are at work or even while using household appliances that make a lot of noise. Although ear plugs do work well at reducing noise, they are a real pain and can often be uncomfortable for many people to wear. When you are using machines and appliances that have built-in noise protection, you will find that you have less of a need to use ear plugs, because there is not nearly as much noise as with machines made without noise protection.

Sorbothane Is Number One in Noise Protection

Sorbothane is a noise protection material that is actually recognized around the world for its ability to reduce noise and protect hearing. Its characteristics include being able to isolate vibrations and dampen noise. Created in 1982, Sorbothane is a material that can really work to reduce or eliminate a lot of the noises you are exposed to every day of life that can damage your hearing. One thing that is really great about Sorbothane is that it can be used to reduce noise and vibration in just about any type of machine. This means that machine manufacturers can use it in their production to make their products less noisy and vibrate less.

The audio industry has really been impacted by Sorbothane, because it works so well for noise protection. It can be used to damp out “structure-borne vibration,” and it is often used to line walls for recording studios, acoustic test chambers and wave tanks. CD/DVD players use Sorbothane to reduce vibrations that cause damage and unwanted noise, as do many other types of home audio equipment, including stereo speakers.

Although Sorbothane may seem like rubber, it also has liquid properties that make it easy for this material to absorb vibrations and shocks, as well as sound. It isolates vibrations and noise and helps to redirect noise so that it is not harmful to our hearing. Another thing that makes Sorbothane so great is that it is incredibly durable and will last for a long time and help increase the life of the products it is used in. Find out more about Sorbothane and its many benefits today, and learn how it can save your hearing by providing excellent noise protection.

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