Why Reducing Machine Vibration Is Important for Maximum Efficiency

Take a machine apart and you will find a number of different parts inside of it. Each of these parts is used in a number of different ways, but the main goal is to have each working correctly, cohesively and safely. If a machine is off balance or is vibrating more than it should, it may cause damage to any number of the parts inside of it as well as to the floor that it is sitting on. Once there is damage, repairs will need to be made.

No machine can be safely repaired while it is still in use so even the smallest of repair means that there is a slowdown in production. Reducing machine vibration reduces the damages that can be seen in the machines and the surrounding area while maximizing the production efficiency.

Minor to Major Repairs Caused by Machine Vibration

Some repairs caused by machine vibration can be repaired in as little as an hour and may only require a single part to be replaced. Some repairs can be more involved, however. What might seem like only one part that will need to be replaced may turn out to be countless parts that are in need of replacement because machine vibrations can sometimes lead to a domino effect of damages within the machine’s heart.

In addition, one of the most major and involved repairs that can be caused by machine vibration can be the need to repair or replace the floor beneath the machine. Once the vibrations have caused damage to the floor under the machine, it will have to be moved while the floor is taken care of and then moved back into its place. In some cases, moving a machine may take several staff, additional machinery and several hours’ worth of work. In other cases, the machine may take all that plus the need to be taken down, at least partially to be moved a few feet away. None of this even takes into account the time it takes to actually replace the flooring before the machine is moved back and set back up.

Machine Vibration Prematurely Ages Machines

No matter how well a machine is made, there will be a time when vibrations cause breakdown. However, the more the machine needs repairs, the more likely it is to be seriously damaged. Every time the machine is opened up for repair, there is the potential for an increase in dust and debris being introduced into the inner mechanisms. This can cause serious aging which eventually will lead the machine to be so badly damaged that it can no longer be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Occasionally, a machine will have to be replaced because the parts that it needs are not available any longer. Reducing the damages caused by machine vibration can keep this from being a recurring problem. Repairs and replacement hurts production and efficiency which can be critical to the business.

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