Shock Response Spectrum and Sorbothane®

The shock response spectrum is a method of testing and graphing certain types of behavior related to shock and materials that increase, decrease or have no effect on the shock. It is a graphical description of this shock and looks at how certain types of systems will respond to it. For instance, the easiest to study is the Single Degree of Freedom system, or in other words, a coiled spring.

However, the use of the shock response spectrum is not always the right method to use in all situations. For instance, it may not be right for fatigue damping systems and may not give an accurate view of reaction in other types of situations as well.

Shock Response Test on Sorbothane Insoles

The shock response system has been used in a number of situations where testing of Sorbothane against a number of other types of materials was being performed. In these tests, including one using a number of specialty shoe insoles that included one made with Sorbothane®, several different factors were considered. First, all of the tested insoles were put to durability and stability tests to see not only long they would last but how long they would last and still work as they are supposed to. In another test, the amount of shock absorption was measured against the other types of insoles.

The Importance of Shock Response for Insoles

New insoles are often prescribed by podiatrists and orthopedists for certain medical conditions which ironically are not always centralized in the feet alone. The way that we stand and walk as humans puts a massive amount of pressure on our lower body joints, including the ankles, knees, and hips. The lower back is also impacted by the way the foot strikes the ground because the shock can travel directly right to that area. The insoles that are prescribed will absorb much of this shock and prevent it from turning into fatigue and pain anywhere in the legs or feet.

There may be some people who need to use these insoles more than others, including those that work on their feet throughout the day and those that are avid exercisers. Certain types of foot injuries or pressure-causing conditions can increase the need for these types of insoles as well. Being overweight or obese may also increase the need for specialized insoles because there is so much impact with each step.

Sorbothane Insoles Come in Several Types

Sorbothane insoles performed better on these tests than the other materials that were tested alongside of it, with one competitor having some benefits but not rating as high in any of the categories. There was another type of material that failed completely in all of the categories across the board. There are several types of Sorbothane insoles which can vary by the application they are being used for. If you need a thinner or thicker type of insole for a certain type of shoe or activity, then you can find it for your best comfort level. Using these insoles correctly can ensure that you are going to be more comfortable while you are moving around.

Learn More About Sorbothane Insoles

Sorbothane has created a line of insoles, prescribed by doctors and sports medicine specialists, which will provide protection against the damaging energy caused by impact, compressive stress, and shear force.

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