The Best Shoe Insole Material

Insoles That Address Foot Pain and Medically Related Issues

Sorbothane insoles
    • Are you among the multitude of individuals who experience foot discomfort? Have you been diagnosed with a condition such as heal spurs, skin ulcerations, or shin splints? Do you participate in activities that punish your feet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can benefit from protective shoe insoles. The best shoe insole material available today is Sorbothane®, a shoe insole that absorbs damaging energy—such as the energy due to impact shock—providing essential protection for your feet.
    • Whether you are searching for foot protection for work, leisure, or sports, you will find that Sorbothane insoles provide the ultimate performance and protection that you seek. With Sorbothane providing nearly 95% shock absorption, it is no wonder that doctors widely prescribe Sorbothane shoe insoles.
    • Whether you need energy absorbing insoles for work-related reasons, or your needs arise from your sporting and leisure activities, you will discover that the Sorbothane line has the perfect shoe insole for you.

Forces That Need to Be Controlled

    • Impact force: Each time that the foot of a runner or tennis player impacts the playing surface or the pavement, that foot will experience impact force. This force delivers shock energy to the foot. This shock energy is responsible for foot pain as well as orthopedic problems. When this shock energy is transmitted up the body, it can result in medical problems involving ankles, knees, hips, and the lower back.
    • Compressive force: Workers that are required to stand for an extended amount of time are subject to a smashing force known as compressive stress. This force can have damaging effects on vulnerable internal structures, such as blood vessels, nerves, and tendons.
    • Shear force: Shear forces develop as surfaces either rub against or slide past one another. Skin and other tissue breakdown may result from exposure to shear forces.

To avoid or eliminate the discomfort and medical maladies connected with these forces, you must find a shoe insole created with a material that will absorb damaging energy before it can cause pain or serious medical conditions. What is the best shoe insole material? Sorbothane— the best energy absorbing material on the market—is the best shoe insole material.

What is Sorbothane and Why Does It Make the Best Shoe Insole Material?

    • Sorbothane is a one-of-a-kind polymeric material that processes unique viscoelastic properties. Viscoelastic refers to the fact that Sorbothane exhibits properties of both elastic solids and viscous liquids (flowing solutions).
    • When Sorbothane is subjected to force, it flows like a liquid.
    • Since Sorbothane returns to its original shape once a force’s load is removed, it is displaying characteristics of an elastic solid.
    • Unique to viscoelastic materials, Sorbothane safely disperses absorbed energy, as heat—outward from the source of the force’s impact.
    • Sorbothane has effectively achieved shock energy absorption of almost 95%.

Before purchasing shoe insoles, you need to know which shoe insole material is the best. Engineers around the world over choose Sorbothane because of its energy absorption properties.

Sorbothane Shoe Insole Products

Sorbothane has created a line of insoles, prescribed by doctors and sports medicine specialists, which will provide protection against the damaging energy caused by impact shock, compressive stress, and shear force.

    • Sorbothane RX Sorbo® provide significant relief from foot pain caused by medical conditions, such as skin ulcerations, shin splints, and heel spurs.
    • Our Performance Insoles will maximize performance, while minimizing injuries, associated with sport and leisure activities.
    • Performance Graphite Arch Insoles not only contain energy absorbing Sorbothane, we have also incorporated an orthotic arch for support.

Are you interested in learning more about our comfort and performance insoles? Contact us today to find the best Sorbothane shoe insoles to meet your specific application.