Sorbothane Heel Pads Help Ease Pain for Soccer Player

A Parent’s Testimonial on How Sorbothane’s Heel Pads Helped Their Son

sorbothane heel pad“I have 5 children, 3 of whom were recently adopted from Ghana, Africa. My oldest child is 13 and has never had a good pair of shoes in his life. When he came to our home, he had several injuries that seemed to be lingering and causing him pain. He is very good at soccer and was recently asked to be on a local soccer club team called St. Louis Scott Gallagher. Well, he was so good that he was recently asked to try out for the U.S. National Youth Soccer Team! This particular team went to Argentina last year to compete. My wife and I are humbled to say the least. Our problem, however, is that we were buying his soccer shoes from a resale store because they are less expensive. He complained after every practice and every game that his heel was hurting him. He would limp around for about 2 days afterwards. When I looked for a heel pad, it was hard to find one thin enough to fit into his soccer shoes. I found less expensive ones, but they did not have as good of a review as yours; so I bought him a pair of Sorbothane® Heel Pads. After his first practice, he was so happy they worked! I am so happy we bought them I just wanted you to know how thankful and grateful we are that you made such a good product that works. My son is very happy. Hopefully he will make the National Soccer Team. Either way, he’s healthy and pain-free thanks to Sorbothane. I know this sounds cheesy, but I’m seriously grateful! God Bless you and your team!”

ONE OF A KIND! Sorbothane is the Difference:

Sorbothane is a unique material that, combined with proper ergonomic design, cradles the foot in comfort and helps protect the entire body by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock. Sorbothane won’t bottom out like other insole materials. Durable and long lasting, Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insoles ensure cushioning and protection step after step.

Sorbothane insoles are an excellent choice for anyone who walks, runs, hikes, works, participates in sports or spends any time on their feet.

Sorbothane – Innovating Shock & Vibration Solutions – Worldwide:

shock absorbing heel padSorbothane, Inc. is the trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing components and materials that isolate vibration, absorb shock and damp unwanted noise. Since 1982, engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. have designed shock-absorbing solutions for many diverse industrial and commercial markets – including the development of Sorbothane insoles. For 40 years, the team at Sorbothane, Inc. has drawn upon their expertise to develop and produce the complete line of premium American-made Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insoles.

Sorbothane insoles are your best defense against foot pain, back pain and impact-related injuries. Request a quote to learn how Sorbothane shock-absorbing heel pads can help you.