Sound Deadening Material: Why It Cuts Down on Down Time

One of the most important things that a business has to consider is how to make sure that production remains high, however when the business is a factory, there are a number of factors that can create problems that makes down time inevitable. Of these, one of the most difficult to deal with can be the problems caused by excessive noise. Not only is working in a loud factory painful to the ears at times, there are other, far more serious health problems that can be caused by the noise. Using sound deadening material is one of the best ways to reduce the damages by excessive noise.

Excessive noise, defined not only by how loud it is, but by how long you are exposed to it can cause everything from hearing loss to behavioral changes and even worse, heart disease and death. Just one machine that is treated with sound deadening material or one room that has insulation of sound deadening material can give the workers a reprieve from the sound.

The initial investment in quality, sound deadening material is offset by the reduction in downtime with the employees. A healthier and happier workforce can increase production simply because everyone is there and ready to work.

Sound deadening material can be used in other applications beyond the factory setting as well. It has been used for insulating material in music studios as well. There are no limits to the uses of these materials, even in your private home. The use of Sorbothane sound deadening material can improve the quality of life in your many situations, both professional and personal.

But, despite its name, sound deadening material does play a secondary role: reduction of vibrations. In the factory, the material is useful for both. A machine in use generates not only sound but vibrations as well. These vibrations can cause the machine to move from its specified place and potentially cause damage to the floor. These vibrations can also cause damage inside of the machine which can mean downtime while the machine is being repaired or in a worst case scenario, replaced.

This material can be used to mount items that need to be cared for delicately. This same material has been used in the space shuttle to protect a delicate camera from the vibrations that are generated by space travel. In another example of the use of this material, the Liberty Bell, an iconic treasure of America’s history was moved from one spot to another and was protected using specialized material so that there was no damage done to the national treasure.

Sound deadening materials and other special materials are used for any of the applications that may need creative solutions. There are endless uses for these materials – whatever you can conceive of, there is bound to be a solution that can be worked out. Whether your need is small to something huge like creating a huge statute or memorial these materials can be the perfect answer.

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