Sorbothane® Vibration Damper Can Save Your Knees

Protect Your Knees, Hips, and Back from Harmful Vibrations

If you’re a walker, a runner, or simply someone who spends long amounts of time on your feet in the workplace, you probably end up with sore knees once in a while. Basically, this happens because vibrations from every step you take, especially those on a hard surface, travel up your legs, where they can wreck the delicate cartilage between your knee joints. These vibrations can also affect your hips and lower back, making you wake up sore and stiff after a long day at work or even a quick afternoon jog. However, a highly scientific substance known as Sorbothane® can save you from all of these problems.

Pain From Running or Standing on a Hard Surface

Have you ever noticed that when you run on grass, you wake up less sore than when you run on a concrete sidewalk? Or that when you are standing up on a cement floor all day, you’re much more sore than when you spend time on your feet on a carpeted floor? All of this also has to do with vibrations.

Basically, harder surfaces like cement and concrete don’t absorb any vibrations from the steps you’re taking, which means that more vibrations end up in your knees, hips, and back. When you run, walk, or stand on asphalt, grass, or carpet, on the other hand, the ground is absorbing at least some of the shock from your steps, which means that less energy is translated into your body to wreak havoc on your joints and bones.

Prevent Joint Injuries with Sorbothane

Sorbothane is a substance that absorbs much more energy than the grassy area where you run or the carpeted area where you stand, and it can actually be taken with you wherever you go. This substance is viscoelastic, which means that it has the properties of both a liquid and a solid. Because of these unique properties, the substance is an excellent vibration damper, which means that it gets rid of some of the vibrations that would otherwise work to harm your body.

Basically, when you use Sorbothane in your shoes – the most common way to do this is through special insoles – the substance works to absorb and transform the vibrations from every step that you take, whether you’re walking or running. If you’re standing on the floor all day, it also absorbs vibrations that might be coming up from the floor because of heavy machinery or loud noises. Because more of these vibrations are absorbed, less destructive energy reaches your body to destroy your joints.

Many runners who have used Sorbothane insoles swear by them because this proprietary substance is just so effective. No matter what sort of moving you’re doing, if you struggle with knee, hip, and lower back pain because of hard walking, running, and standing surfaces, Sorbothane inserts are absolutely essential. Paying for some excellent vibration damper insoles for your shoes now can save you thousands of dollars in surgery costs and years of pain down the road.

Relieve Pain with Sorbothane Insoles

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