Energy Absorbing Material: Consumer Products For Gun Enthusiasts To Gymnasts

Energy is generated by various means including movement. When you run, for instance, you generate energy with your feet and legs, pushing that energy down to the ground. Depending on the type of surface that you are running on, the energy will be returned to your feet and legs in reverse with some dissipation of the energy. The more solid and unyielding the surface, the less energy is absorbed and dissipated meaning that more of the generated energy will be returned to you. That returned energy can lead to exhaustion and aches and pains. It can also increase your risk of injuries during activities that you love and usually enjoy. This energy return principle does not just relate to running but to every type of movement that people can perform.

Consumer Products for Gun Enthusiasts from Amateur to Pro

Gun sports, including hunting, trap shooting and skeet shooting, are a fun pastime for some people, while for others it is a lifelong pursuit for excellence. Whether you are a pro level shooter or just getting started in the sport, there are some certain facts that you have to come to terms with fairly quickly. One of those is the need for energy absorbing material. Firing a gun sets off a reaction that results in the projectile (the bullet, shell) being launched from the barrel of the gun at very rapid speeds. The energy that is created by that reaction is split – part of the energy is used to push the projectile at rapid speeds. The other part of the energy is returned to the shooter’s hands and arms. That energy will travel up the length of the arm until it comes to a stop in the shoulder. That can result in pain and bruising especially over time. There are two shock absorbing pads in the Sorbothane® standard parts list that can be used for gun enthusiasts of every level. Those are God ‘A Grip and Kickeez.

God ‘A Grip: for Shooters of All Levels

Grips are employed in various ways in the shooting world. There are pads that help prevent injury or discomfort to the face (cheek pads) as well as easing some of the pain and stress in the hands. There are other types of grips that can be used to make shooting more enjoyable. Ammo grips, which are uniquely designed as a shell carrier, are easier to install than most types of grips and are more secure as well. All of these pads created from Sorbothane are fully customizable and can be cut to fit.

Kickeez: Allowing Shooters to Shoot in Relative Comfort

The Kickeez recoil pad is meant to protect a shooter from the energy that is created when the gun is fired. Energy absorbing material, as described above, not only makes shooting the gun more comfortable but can also make the shooter better at the craft. By absorbing much of the generated energy of the first shot, the second and third shots can come quicker and will be more accurate. Designed to fit on the stock of all weapons and easily customized, these can allow even people who have injuries to shoot comfortably. Unlike other types of recoil pads, the Kickeez pads can be used in any type of weather conditions. Consumer Products for Gymnasts: Energy Absorbing Materials for All Levels and Ages Another sport related need for energy absorbing materials can be seen with gymnastics. From even the youngest ages, the gymnastics students run, jump, tumble and do other things that can cause stress and pain to the lower body. While most may practice or perform barefoot, some may use specialized socks to allow them to get a little additional spring in their steps as well as to absorb some of the force and energy generated by their feet. The product that the gymnasts use to ease their pain and to increase their energy levels during practice and competition is called ShockSocks. Available in a number of sizes and styles, ShockSocks are thin and lightweight but still provide a cushioned responsiveness that absorbs impact without adding bulk. In addition to gymnasts, they can be worn by any athlete no matter what sport with or without shoes. As an added bonus, these special socks can be machine washed without being damaged.

Why Thicker Is Not Better with Energy Absorbing Materials

An energy absorbing material is meant to allow the two surfaces meet and then spread out, with the energy dissipated along one surface (the one that is impacted) without being reabsorbed by the one that makes the impact. When a material is too thick, it can prevent the two surfaces from doing what they need to do. It needs to spread out and bulge, which cannot happen with a large area pad. So, with an energy absorbing material such as Sorbothane, thicker is not better – a thinner pad is more effective.

Why Sorbothane Is the Solution that You Need

No matter what your needs are, Sorbothane is the solution to any problem that might arise. You can use it to aid in your ability and comfort during sports or other activities. If you do not find the exact product that you need in our standard products guide, you are able to request a customized solution, no matter what your needs are. Sorbothane, in addition to being a unique type of material, also has a number of additional benefits that can make it a remarkably good solution for your needs. First, it is entirely friendly to the environment, something that is important to most people these days. In addition, all applications of this energy absorbing material can be made to be waterproof, which is beneficial in a number of situations. Sorbothane has been used in a number of different types of applications, solving a number of problems for more than three decades. In addition to the items that are already in the catalog, there are always new, customized products to be developed for your every need.

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