Vibration Isolation Systems

Sorbothane is a solution to the problem of vibration

Vibrations are all around us. They come at us in everything from the ground as seismic disruptions to external vibrations caused by automotive and air traffic – they are a constant in our lives. Moving parts within buildings, machinery, motors, tools, and electronics all create some form of vibration. Depending on your needs and goals these vibrations can be a major hassle so you need to find or develop the best vibration isolation system to subdue the undesirable movement. That’s where Sorbothane can help.

Vibration isolation systems using Sorbothane are in use in everything from huge buildings and structures to the smallest of electronics. Sorbothane’s custom designed vibration isolation systems provide shock and vibration protection for disk drives, PCBs and LCDs as well as acoustical damping and even many sports and leisure applications.

Since vibrations are always present around us and against us, they can sometimes become a serious nuisance or even threaten our physical health. Sorbothane transfers energy perpendicularly away from the point of vibration and it can be used in almost any application through our standard products or through the development of custom isolation systems. We understand the frustration and possible dangers that vibrations can cause and we’re here to help you develop the perfect solution with Sorbothane.

Many companies utilize Sorbothane in their products and vibration isolation systems through one of our standard products such as bushings, isolation rings and sheet stock. Custom parts have been molded for sports, industrial, electrons, acoustics and ergonomics applications and Sorbothane is critical to their effectiveness. The next time you see an Indy race car, ski down the slope on a snow board, exercise or listen to a high quality sound system, there’s a chance that Sorbothane is improving your experience.

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