Vibration Isolators Can Protect Your Equipment

Have you ever watched your washing machine while it is on the rinse cycle? Does it move around a lot, or even “walk” across the floor? This is because the vibrations from the machine at work is causing other parts to move, and over time, this can do some significant to the machine.

One way to inhibit this is by using vibration isolators, such as pads made with Sorbothane, a one of a kind viscoelastic material. This material helps to eliminate vibrations, and keeps your washing machine, and many other machines with moving parts, safe and sound and free of movement caused by vibrations.

You Need a Good Shock Absorber

Many of today’s machines, including washing machines and even some blenders, are made using vibration isolators. When these products are used in the manufacturing of machines, they can go a long way in extending the life of whatever they are being used in.

When machines vibrate, they wear out more quickly than those that have vibration isolators for vibration isolation, such as products made with Sorbothane. This material uses liquid and solid properties that will actually bend with the pressure of the machines it is in, and many manufacturers are finding that they are vastly improving their products by using it.

Just think about all of the machines you see in the run of a day. When you go past a construction site, you will see all kinds of machinery that can cause a lot of vibrations, and today, a lot of heavy machinery is made with Sorbothane so it will last longer. After all, these are expensive pieces of equipment, and not things that most contractors want to have to be replacing all the time. Older machinery can also benefit from this type of shock absorber. Obviously, the material is not right in the machine, but by using pads made from Sorbothane under the equipment, you can eliminate a lot of vibrations that cause damage to machinery and other equipment.

All This and Noise Reduction Too

Another great benefit to using a shock absorber is that is also going to reduce noise. It is a well-known fact that exposure to loud noises can cause extreme hearing damage, and if you have ever been around a piece of heavy machinery, you know just how loud it can get. One of the reasons these machines are so noisy is due to the vibrations, and when a shock absorber is used, the vibrations are eliminated and hearing is protected. Of course, if you are working around equipment such as this, it is also a good idea to wear ear plugs.

Whether you are designing new machines, or trying to make older ones run more smoothly, using a shock absorber is going to help you a lot. It is going to extend the life of any machine it is used in, or under, and it is going to eliminate annoying vibrations and noise, making your machines run a lot smoother and work a lot better.

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