Use Sound Absorbing Material to Protect Your Sanity

Do you have a teenager in the house who is in a band, and that band practices in your home? After a while, this is not only going to drive you nuts, it may also start to get on your neighbors’ nerves, and you may start receiving complaints, especially while the band is still in the learning stages. If you have the time and the money, and you really want to help your budding musician, you may want to invest in sound proofing a room in your home, such as a basement or attic, so your teenager and his or her friends can practice to their hearts’ content without bugging anyone. To do this, you need to have a really good sound absorbing material, and the best one available on the market today is Sorbothane.

No More Egg Crates

If you have ever been around any band that practices in a home or garage, you may have noticed that there were egg crates all over the walls and ceiling. The egg crates were once a very popular way to dampen sound. Yes, they do work, but not nearly as well as a material that is made for this specific purpose. The egg crates don’t really look all that great either, and you may not want to have your teen decorate the room with them. Instead, using a material such as Sorbothane will do the trick nicely, dampening the sounds while not making the room look like it was just slapped together. Another thing about using the proper sound absorbing material is that it does work a whole lot better than egg crates.

Not Just for Practicing Bands

You know, you really don’t have to limit using sound absorbing material for band practice rooms. There are all kinds of great uses for this type of product. Here is a good example. Let’s say that you want to watch a movie with surround sound, and you like to have it loud. You want to watch the movie at night time, when others in the house are sleeping, which means that you can’t have the volume you really want. When you are using a sound absorbing material, you can really enjoy your home entertainment center, without disturbing anyone who may be trying to sleep in another room. Using Sorbothane can really help to make any room quieter.

One thing we all want is to have our kids want to spend time at home. When you create a room where they can have fun, set up their band equipment, crank up the stereo, and just kick back, not only will your kids want to be there, so will every other kid in the neighborhood. Yours can be the home that kids want to spend time in, which will ensure that you always know where they are. Because the sound absorbing material eliminates a lot of noise, you really won’t mind having a house full of kids all the time, and your sanity will be protected.

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