Vibration Pads

Vibration can range from a minor issue to a more serious one, depending on the piece of equipment that it is affecting and how badly it vibrates. The more sensitive an item is, the more potential damage that even mild vibration can do. Even in an item that is not necessarily delicate, excessive vibration can quickly become a major problem resulting in issues like movement, excessive noise and discomfort for the people who share space with the machine in question. The easiest example to illustrate this point: the common, household washing machine.

    • When you load your washing machine with clothing several things happen to it. First, it fills with a varying amount of water determined by the cycle that you selected as well as the load size.
    • Next, it goes through its various steps and processes, including several cycles where the drum is rotated very rapidly by the motor to spin out the water from the clothing and then to allow it to drain away.
    • During these rapid motion cycles, vibration becomes even more evident. In most machines, especially when they are new and first installed, the vibration may be noticeable only during the spin cycles but as the machine ages and becomes less and less uneven, that vibration can become quite problematic. Not only does the machine become noisier, it also has other issues like vibration transfer, causing every rattle to be felt through the entire house. The washing machine may also start to “walk” or in other words, start shifting out of its place. A little walking is not a serious problem, only an inconvenience but too much walking could cause serious problems for the homeowner including damage to the floor that the machine is walking across.

When a machine shifts, even a little bit, it typically becomes uneven which will increase the amount of vibration and may even cause the machine to stop running because the load is off balance. Washing machines are supposed to be convenient for the homeowner but these problems can cause them to be more of a bother than they are worth.

There is a Solution to Your Straying Washing Machine and Other Issues

Before you send your washing machine out to pasture, there is a solution that you can consider. The answer to the excessive vibration is a small set of vibration pads called Silent Feet® made of Sorbothane®. Meant to be easily slipped under your washing machine it absorbs much of the vibration keeping the machine working more quietly, with less walking or creeping and a lowered risk of off balance loads. It also eliminates much of the vibration transfer felt throughout the rest of the house.

Silent Feet is only one of the products that is made of Sorbothane, a unique material that can be used in the average household with extremely positive results. Another item which is made of the same material are called bump ons which are useful with a number of different applications including computers and counter top appliances.

A blender, juicer, food processor or a stand mixer are all good examples of the small appliances that can have big problems with vibration if they are not handled correctly. For instance, a juicer, which features a fairly powerful motor so that it can grind up and juice vegetables and fruits, can be very loud if it is not properly insulated. In addition, because the motor is so powerful and the blades turn so quickly, it can often walk across the countertop much like the washer does. But, while the washer will stop when it gets to the end of its electrical cord, the juicer may not stop until it falls off of the counter it is setting on, creating a mess that will take hours to clean up.

Many models are billed as “tough” but it often only takes that one jarring jolt to destroy your expensive appliance completely. Prevention is the key to losing your appliance and the money you have invested in buying it.

Why Sorbothane Can Help These Problems and More

Sorbothane is one of the most unique materials that you can find, able to be adapted to any number of applications. Whether your problem is excessive vibration and machinery creep or you need an item that is tough and durable and yet will not mar other surfaces, there is a Sorbothane related product that can help you. If you do not see the exact item that you need, that is not a problem. The design team can help by working with you to custom create your solution to your own specifications. Whether you need a vibration pad that is larger, smaller, thicker, thinner or even a different color than what is listed on the parts and products listing, we can help you.

Sorbothane has been used in countless products and items from small, household uses and shock absorbing soles for footwear to huge applications with aircrafts and even more. It has been manufactured in Ohio for nearly three decades and can be adapted to any number of situations where other products would fail, including instances of high pressure, excessive weight and extreme temperature changes. It is also good for situations involving chemicals, water and other fluids that might damage other types of vibration dampers.

Remember, it is cheaper to prevent damages to your floors, your countertops and your appliances than it is to repair or replace them after the damage has been done.

Before You Settle for Anything Less

Before you make a choice that you might regret, check out Sorbothane’s standard products guide. Not only will you see some of the most common and popular uses for this remarkable material, but may get some ideas for other applications that might be the perfect solution you have been looking for. But, these are just some of the possibilities – the design team is also here to help you and can help you come up with the solution that you might not think exists. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.