Vibration Pad Applications

Vibration pads are used in many applications for isolating noise, prolonging machine life, reducing maintenance costs, and reducing excessive wear and tear. Vibration pads can reduce damage to everything from equipment to structures and even the human body.

Vibration pads are also called vibration isolation pads which means that damaging energy is removed by the material and not transferred onto the machine or body. Vibration isolation is the process of isolating an object, such as a piece of equipment, from the source of damaging vibrations. A good vibration isolator takes energy out of the system so it’s no longer a concern.

Sorbothane’s Selection of Vibration Isolation Pads

Vibration isolation pads are part of our standard products guide and you may choose the thickness, durometer, and any quantity. For example, you might need to support a 3800-pound load (70 durometers) with a .25x4x4 pad or maybe you don’t need to support quite that large of a load so a 30-durometer pad of the same size might meet your needs. Of course, our vibration pads also come in many different colors to meet your needs.

Download our Standard Products Guide for more information about our wide selection of standard and specialty products.

Why Sorbothane Meets Your Vibration Pad Needs

Sorbothane® is a castable, viscoelastic polymer material that can be shaped and colored to meet your vibration pad needs. Its unique, liquid-solid (viscoelastic) properties make Sorbothane the material of choice for shock and vibration applications and pads.

An example of how our pads have been utilized can be shown in the Silent Feet product by Vibration Solution. Anti-Walk Silent Feet were specifically designed to handle the increased movement and vibration problems associated with stackable washers and dryers.

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