Vibration Reduction

Vibration Reduction and Running Shoes

High tech running shoes these days are becoming an important part of the overall wardrobe of a good runner. As runners go further and faster and become more physically fit, running shoes help take care of their bodies. For this reason, most running shoes that are good for the body right now have some sort of vibration reduction system in them. There are a few reasons for this and a few ways that this type of system can work.

The main reason for running shoes to have vibration reduction systems is to keep the runner’s body from feeling as much of the impact of the run. Each time a foot slams to the ground, the vibration of that contact is passed up through the body, where it’s especially harmful to the joints. This is especially true when runners are running on super hard surfaces, such as cement. On a soft surface like grass or even asphalt, some of the impact’s vibration is actually absorbed by the ground. This is why even in a bad pair of shoes, you may not be as sore the next day when you’ve been running on these types of surfaces.

Many runner’s shoes seek to absorb some of the impact of landing inside the actual sole of the shoe. In order to do this, they often have foam inserts inside the sole of the shoe. The specialized foam is meant to absorb as much of the impact as possible, thus acting as a vibration reduction tool. Many runners swear by these shoes because they are more comfortable for long runs and help the body stay less sore throughout the run and the next day.

However, the foam used in many running shoes has numerous problems. For one thing, it breaks down very quickly. Serious runners may need to shell out a couple hundred dollars for a new pair of shoes every three to five months. That’s a lot of running shoes in a year! Even if the shoes aren’t being used, the foam can start to break down automatically. This means that even those who don’t run very often will have to get new running shoes once a year or more if they want to reap the benefits of the running shoe foam. Also, the foam isn’t as efficient as other substances. It just happens to be a good one to put inside shoes.

Luckily for runners today, there’s a new type of vibration reduction insert coming out for shoes. This is called Sorbothane. It’s a rubber-like substance that also has some of the properties of a liquid. It sounds weird, but this essentially means that it can absorb lots of vibration waves. This substance has already been formed into little pads that can be inserted into running or everyday shoes. The advantage of this substance is that it doesn’t break down nearly as fast as foam. Your running shoes will last longer and for more miles with this type of insert rather than one made from foam.

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