Vibration Reduction and Sorbothane

Vibration is rarely the desired effect in any application from industrial, athletic or other industries. Vibration is usually a detriment and can cause problems such as fatigue in the human components or damage in other components. One of the simplest to understand examples is a runner running along a cement or paved road path. As his feet hit the ground, they pound the solid ground, creating energy that propels them forward. However, some of that energy compacts and instead of being absorbed by the ground will be sent rebounding back into the feet and legs. That leads the runner to feel tired faster and may prevent him from running greater distances or achieving higher speeds.

In other words, the runner is not progressing in his running program. But, vibration and finding methods of vibration reduction is seen in larger scale applications as well.

How Sorbothane® Works for Vibration Reduction

In any type of application, the solution that is used for vibration reduction has to do two major tasks. First, it has to actually accomplish the goal of vibration reduction. Second, it must not create additional problems or issues with the design, mechanism or usability of the component it is being added to. For instance, in a specially designed running shoe, a thick pad that is meant to absorb some of the created impact for the runner cannot elevate the foot so much that the shoe becomes tight and uncomfortable nor can it prevent runners from being able to feel their own foot falls as they run.

The need for a good vibration reduction method that satisfies both of these needs becomes more apparent with more intricate applications. A runner may feel a little discomfort or may not be getting the distance that he wants, but other applications can become dangerous- to the point of being deadly if there is a problem within the delicate gears and motors.

Some of the suggestions would work for one property or another. Remember, in some applications, dissipated energy generated from the vibration reduction becomes heat. The amount of heat that is created is directly correlated to the size of the application and the speed at which it is operated. The bigger and the faster, the higher the temperature will be, meaning that anything that is used in that application will have to withstand the high heat.

Standard or Custom Parts: Sorbothane Has You Covered

Sorbothane is a uniquely created, viscoelastic polymer with properties of solids and liquids. It can be created to be any thickness, shape or size. It can also be created in a number of colors if its appearance matters. The first step is to download our complimentary Standard Products Guide and then contact us to discuss your needs. If there is nothing in the guide that is the right fit for you, then we’ll work with you to create a custom product.