What are good shock mount materials?

What is shock?

    • When a high impact force is delivered across a relatively short time period, the result is shock.
    • This energy shock wave causes damage or injury to effected items or individuals.
    • These undesirable effects result from the transfer of shock energy from the source of the impact to the affected entity.

Shock’s damaging effects and how you can isolate shock

    • Damaging shock energy that is transferred from an impact force causes damage and injury.
    • Ultimately, shock will cause downtime, rework, and waste.
    • To avoid the damaging effects of exposure to shock, a methodology for safely and effectively absorbing shock energy must be employed. Utilizing a mounting material with superior shock absorption properties is such a methodology. What are good shock mount materials? As the most effective energy absorbing material in use today, Sorbothane® is the best shock mount material available.
    • Whether you require a shock mount material that is capable of minimizing the breakdown of equipment, decreasing product damage, or optimizing design, you will discover that Sorbothane is best at meeting your shock mount needs. You will also realize an increase in your bottom line as you improve damage, injury, and loss rates.

What is Sorbothane, and how can it effectively isolate shock?

    • Sorbothane, comprised of a proprietary polymeric material, displays unique properties of viscoelasticity. Thus, Sorbothane possess the attributes of a liquid (a viscous solution—ones that can flow) in addition to those of a solid (an elastic material).
    • When our unique polymeric material is impacted by shock, it flows in the manner of liquid.
    • By returning to its original shape, following the removal of an impacting force, Sorbothane is displaying elastic solid characteristics.
    • Sorbothane provides a safe dispersal of absorbed energy, demonstrating a uniquely viscoelastic polymeric property. This energy dissipation is directed outward—away from the source of the shock impact. It is safely dispersed as heat energy.
    • What are good shock mount materials? Those made with Sorbothane, a material that achieves a shock absorption rate that approaches nearly 95 percent—over millions of cycles.
    • Since 1982, Sorbothane has been specified by engineers around the globe due to its superior shock mount capabilities.

Addressing your shock mount requirements with Sorbothane

The Sorbothane line contains products designed for a variety of shock mount applications.

    • Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings provide protection from shock, minimizing damage to delicate or sensitive items during shipment.
    • Shock protection is provided to machinery by utilizing internal mounts. In addition to our Sorbothane Bushings and Washers, Sorbothane can be caste into any shape and thickness to create your custom required mount. You can address shock mount issues in-house with our Strips and Sheet Stock.
    • Floor mounts isolate your equipment from shock and vibration that cause equipment creep.
    • You will discover the unique shock isolation properties of Sorbothane when Sorbothane mounts are incorporated into your designs. These include: Hard Drive Carriers and Corner Mounts, Isolation Feet used in CD/DVD Players and Speakers.

Contact the experienced engineering staff at Sorbothane. We will address your information, assistance, and custom needs.

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