Sorbothane Well Received at Design & Manufacturing Show

Expanded Sorbothane® Standard Products Guide Well Received at the 2019 Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show

Sorbothane Standard Products Guide

Anaheim, CA – In February, Sorbothane, Inc. returned to the Pacific Design Show. As always, members of the Sorbothane team were available on-site to field questions and exchange ideas with visitors.

Along with custom designed components, Sorbothane introduced their expansive line of standard Sorbothane parts.

The extensive line of standard Sorbothane parts includes:

  • Sorbothane Bushings and Washers
  • Isolation Hemispheres
  • Stud Mounts and Bumpers
  • Anti-vibration Sorbothane Leveling Mounts
  • Sorbothane Sheet Stock, which is available in a variety of styles, thicknesses and durometers.

“…we have expanded our offering of Standard Sorbothane Parts. It was great to introduce many of our new standard products at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show. This show allows us direct access to both engineers and entrepreneurs covering all markets and manufacturing categories. And, if a standard part is not appropriate for an application, then the Sorbothane Team will partner in the development of a specific individual custom solution,” stated David Church, president of Sorbothane, Inc.

Sorbothane has superior damping and isolation properties that have been tested and real world proven.

For over 36 years Sorbothane, Inc. has been the innovator in developing materials and solutions that provide vibration isolation and shock attenuation.Trusted by NASA, Sorbothane is a 100% unique viscoelastic material that “flows” like a liquid when loaded.

Sorbothane engineers are ready to help identify, design and produce the ideal Sorbothane damper or isolator to meet individual project objectives.

Sorbothane, Inc. also offers the following services:

  • Rapid Component Prototyping
  • Standard & Custom Solutions
  • Design Engineering Support
  • Variable Volume Production
  • Exclusively Made In USA
  • Just In Time Delivery

If you are interested in learning more about Sorbothane products, contact us or give us a call at 330-678-9444.