Grand Prix Audio Equipment Isolation System

Black and wood Grand Prix Audio audio equipment isolation system with black Sorbothane dampers

Monza System


Consumer & Commercial Products


Performance audio equipment isolation system designed to achieve the highest quality of music reproduction.


Develop a new 3D modular support system, a rack solution to replace the Monaco. The new system would offer – better performance, better value, improved practicality, and greater versatility.


Engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. needed to work in harmony with Grand Prix Audio designers to develop Sorbothane® dampers. The Sorbothane viscoelastic dampers, which convert energy to heat, sit under each shelf. The Monza System is supplied as standard with composite support levels that offer superior structural rigidity and more effective mechanical dissipation than the U-Tube supports used on the Monaco. These are combined with bamboo shelves/couplers and load-specific Sorbothane dampers to offer remarkable performance at the price. The new viscoelastic Sorbothane supports differ from those in earlier Grand Prix products in two ways: They are larger, which creates more surface area, and doughnut-shaped rather than solid, to provide more room for the material to move and change shape. Using four dampers per shelf has enabled the development of new weight categories for the dampers, with a narrow range of optimization for heavier equipment.