SHOTOVER Anti-Vibration Camera Mounts

Garage with a NYPD police cruiser and a black SUV with SHOTOVER mobile camera system mounted on the back

Mobile Camera Systems


Consumer & Commercial Products


High-performance mobile and UAV camera platforms for the broadcast, motion picture, and industrial markets.


Develop an anti-vibration mobile camera system that integrates stability, versatility, and ease of use.


SHOTOVER partnered with the engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. to develop components that isolate vibration from the cameras mounted in their mobile systems. Sorbothane® parts were designed, produced, and proven. Testing showed that Sorbothane works to control vibration in the gyro-stabilized SHOTOVER camera platforms. SHOTOVER’S complete line of camera platforms offers an unmatched level of stability, control, and can be mounted on helicopters, ground vehicles, and watercraft.