Vibration Solution

Four black and red Sorbothane Silent Feet

Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads


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Vibration-absorbing pads for large appliances


An annoying second-floor washing machine’s vibration affecting tranquil living space.


We partnered with the Vibration Solution to engineer the most effective vibration-absorbing appliance pads available. Inspired by a noisy washing machine, Sorbothane® turned out to be the perfect material to isolate and reduce the annoying vibrations from that specific appliance, as well as any other in the home. Once a simple solution to a singular problem, Silent Feet has been designed to reduce or eliminate noisy and harmful vibrations on virtually every washing machine and dryer on the market today. Silent Feet are easy to install, with each set featuring two “easy-slide” rear and two “super-sticky” front feet.