Hook Studios Microphone Decoupler

Hook Studios THS-MMD Microphone Decoupler using Sorbothane vibration-reducing microphone mount

THS-MMD Microphone Decoupler


Consumer & Commercial Products


A vibration-reducing microphone mount.


To improve the clarity of recorded sound by reducing vibration to the microphone.


Our engineering team partnered with Hook Studios to design and produce the “Sorbothane® compression center member” used in the vibration-reducing THS-MMD Microphone Decoupler. The Hook Studios’ Mechanical Microphone Decoupler is easy to use and universally compatible with most OEM microphone clip holders and mounts that use standard 5/8″- 27 threads. This patent-pending isolation mount reduces the vibration affecting microphones resulting in more clarity of recorded sources. The Hook Studios’ MMD provides this decoupled suspension and vibration absorption regardless of the microphone’s direction or angle.