Vibration Solutions

Vibration and excessive movement cause problems for people and for sensitive equipment. From the smallest applications to the largest installations in the world and everything in between, scientists have looked for ways to minimize the effects of vibration in and around the human body. Whether it is for a machine or for a man, these vibration solutions have to do several things. First and most obviously, they have to minimize some of the vibrations that happen by nature and by the use of certain items. Second, it has to prevent movement that is caused by that vibration. Finally, it has to provide protection for key components or comfort for humans, whichever may be the case.

Vibration Is a Problem Just Waiting to Happen

From an individual’s view, vibration is often thought of as a problem that affects other people rather than themselves. In fact, they may think that there is no vibration that affects them at all. Ask those same people after they have spent all day on their feet how they feel about vibration. They may not have the terminology, and they may not know that it was vibration that caused their feet to be sore, stiff and achy at the end of that day, but that is exactly what is happening.

Business people also need to find vibration solutions because they are protecting their inventory from damage and may also be trying to keep their customers in their stores for longer. In a report that was released about the supermarket business, it was discovered that certain aisles have special plates installed in the floor that increases the vibration in a buggy so that the customer suddenly becomes more aware of the surroundings. The experts have a name for it, of course, but you can just refer to it as being jolted awake. But, for the other areas of the store, reducing some of the vibration can reduce the feeling of exhaustion and even pain that customers might be feeling. Those negative feelings can make them want to leave and go home too early. Prevention is one of the many reasons that vibration control is vital.

Finally, there are scientists who need to find vibration solutions because of the delicate work they are doing in their labs. Imagine a delicate experiment involving a powerful explosive or a volatile liquid. One wrong move could make the experiment blow up in the scientists face, literally. But vibration can come from their own nervous hands, the machines they are using in their labs or even from cars driving outside of the lab. In all of these situations, vibration is a major problem and can even be dangerous.

The Diversity of Vibration Solutions

Vibration solutions run the gamut from the very simplest idea for the individual to the more complex, used for business or even military uses. And, of course there is some overlap between the two. For instance, using specifically designed insoles to prevent fatigue is not just important for the average person. It is also a vital concept for the military as well. Vibration control solutions such as Sorbothane® help to keep the military on point and can also protect the military by keeping their accuracy levels high. Sorbothane is a very creative material that has millions of applications, some that have not even been discovered just yet. It has been used even for major things such as the design of the Air Force Memorial and to move one of the nation’s treasures, the Liberty Bell.

Protecting the Air Force Memorial

Designed to suggest the special pattern of the Blue Angels precision flight team, the Air Force Memorial needed a unique way of controlling some of the vibration and excessive movement caused by wind from way up high. To absorb and dissipate some of the wind energy, steel boxes filled with a steel ball were added to the upper sections of the memorial. Each box was lined with Sorbothane to absorb the wind energy- the wind causes the ball to roll around, the Sorbothane absorbs and dissipates that energy, protecting the structure from damage.

Moving the Liberty Bell

In October of 2003, the Liberty Bell was moved just 935 feet, a move that lasted five hours. To prevent damage to the national treasure, a specially designed vibration isolation system was used. That system was created from steel and Sorbothane, allowing the harmonic vibrations created from the special cart’s wheels rolling over the pavement to be absorbed and neutralized without doing damage to the surface of the bell itself.

Sorbothane Gets Itself into Wet Spots

Unlike other types of vibration isolation systems, Sorbothane is able to be used in wet areas that might become a problem for others. It is a waterproof material that can be used even in underwater applications. That ability to be used in wet areas means that Sorbothane is perfect for marine use, including on boats, docks and piers. All of these locations are perfect for Sorbothane, which can be used where other materials would fail or fall apart.

Make the Call to Sorbothane for Your Needs

Whether you are an individual, a business owner or a scientist working on your next big idea, your needs for vibration suppression, vibration control or other movement based issues can all be satisfied with a simple phone call or email to the design team at Sorbothane. We are ready to help you with your project no matter how big or small you might think it is.

To us, a project is important regardless of how big the actual items are. There are no small complications in a lab – where tiny drops of chemicals can lead to major breakthroughs. There are no small worries when you are moving a national treasure, even if it is only from one room to another. We can help you find an existing product or, failing that, can help you come up with a completely unique and specialized item that will be the solution that you need, no matter what your issue might be. Contact Sorbothane today.