Shock Absorbing Pad

KICK-EEZShock absorbing pads take many shapes and forms and have uses in a wide range of applications and industries. Sorbothane has provided shock absorption pad solutions for many applications in industries ranging from sports and leisure to industrial solutions.

The shock absorbing pads that Sorbothane can produce in any shape, color or style provide high performance impact protection that will transmit the force perpendicularly away from the object that needs protection. Sorbothane has an elastic behavior that causes the material to return to shape quickly as it prepares for the next impact to the pad.

In the following sections we’ll describe some of the shock absorbing pad solutions that Sorbothane has provided over the years.

Shock Absorbing Recoil Pads

Skeet and trap shooters around the world use KICK-EEZ¨ Recoil Pads made from Sorbothane¨. Sold and distributed by the KICK-EEZ Company, these are the most effective, recoil reducing pads on the market today. Each pad is custom fit to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Comfort Insoles For Your Feet

Sorbothane insolesSorbothane is the only insole material available that absorbs up to 94.7% of the impact shock. Sorbothane Insoles combine quality components with advanced innovation, to provide long lasting comfort and protection.

A great example of our shock absorbing pads is the Performance Graphite Arch Insole that combines orthotic arch support with Sorbothane foot strike protection. This shock absorbing insole has been designed for all activities and it retains its support and comfort with every step you take. Sorbothane offers a full line of insoles to meet the needs of anyone who walks, works, plays sports or spends a lot of time on their feet.

Solid Polymer, Dimpled and Honeycomb Shock Absorption Sheets

Sorbothane is the premier energy absorbing material and is cast into a variety of shapes and sizes for shock absorbing pads and many other uses. Download our Standard Products Guide to learn more.

shock absorbing sheets

These shock absorbing sheets are incorporated in a range of products from knee pads to vehicle seat cushions. Our standard sheets are produced in 12″ square and 24″ square sizes and in a thickness range from 0.100″ through 1.500″ inclusive. Smaller, thinner sheets are also available. Sorbothane cuts easily with a razor knife up to about 1/4″ in thickness and can also be die cut. Thicker sections and more complex shapes can be cut with a water jet process.

Shock Absorber Pads to Protect the Human Body

shock absorber padsHead, shoulders, knees and toes, and all body parts in between! Sorbothane is a castable, energy absorbing polymer that can be custom molded to your requirements. Tennis racket wraps, baseball glove inserts, knee and elbow pads and rowing cushions now provide increased comfort and protection thanks to Sorbothane. Custom shapes, in any color, are available in Sorbothane and in our translucent Sorbogel.

Sorbothane brings a superior level of comfort to feet and hands. Sorbothane palm pads provide protection in anti-vibration gloves. We produce these pads for several glove manufacturers who assemble them into their premium gloves, SorboGelT, a translucent version of Sorbothane, is offered as a lighter weight alternative to Sorbothane. SorboGelT is particularly useful where minimum weight and maximum protection are desired.

Sorbothane is a castable polymer material that can be shaped and colored to meet your needs. Its unique, liquid solid properties make Sorbothane the material of choice for shock absorbing pads and vibration applications.

If you want to learn more about how Sorbothane’s shock absorbing pad can help with your product or application, contact Sorbothane today.