Isolating Vibration

What can Isolating Vibration do for you and your products? Isolation vibration is a technology to protect high-tech products, such as electronic devices, lighting and various other applications. The base technology is similar to shocks, the type of applications made for athletes and people who buy orthopedic devices. The same technology we have used to protect human beings can also protect delicate electronic, glass and fragile parts.

The technology used to isolate vibration is from Sorbothane, a unique viscoelastic polymer. Though developed in the early 1980s, the technology has improved and products like our vibration pads can now be used to absorb energy in many ways. For example, this type of technology was used for NASA launches, so that a camera could be protected. Another example is that the Liberty Bell was moved using special pads for isolating vibration.

This isolation technology guarantees that important parts of the product can be protected during moving, collision or high friction. All in all, the pads make manufacturing easy, safe and efficient. Reduced vibration contributes to more efficient operation and longer life of costly machinery. Sorbothane’s isolation pads also reduce vibration and noise transmission.

Harmful effects of vibration and noise may cause serious impairment to the efficiency of workers and the overall effectiveness of production machinery. Proper use of these products will help to improve production equipment, create a much safer environment for employees, reduce down time and increase the life of machine parts and prevent damage to the floor.

Vibration isolation solutions can actually isolate an object from the source of vibrations. This makes it ideal for products involving heavy machinery. In essence, most of these systems are made from mass, spring and dampers. When shopping for the right kind of shock absorber, pay attention to material, density and thickness. Besides protecting the delicate product from major damage resulting from vibration, these pads can also prevent friction which leads to parts “creeping” off designated spots. You also have to give some thought to thickness, durometer and the number of pads used. Please contact us for more information about your specific application.

When ordering, you can customize your pads for Isolating Vibration in durometer, quantity and color.  If you work with fleet or high quantity parts then you will need a bulk order and we can handle any amount you need.  You can also customize dimensional proportions in addition to color.

This technology can be used in a variety of areas besides heavy industry, including ergonomics, sports, electronics and even acoustics.  Remember that vibration contributes a great deal of damage and a signification loss of time in most operations.  This pad reduces vibration and noise transmission.  The installations you order are easily carried out by trained professionals.

So call us and ask how Sorbothane can help with isolating vibration. This technology is a necessity in today’s fast-moving, automated world and Sorbothane can help your equipment last longer and work more efficiently. If you have noticed problems in manufacturing or more damage coming off a product line, then it’s time you started thinking about investing in isolating vibration. For more information, call us to discuss your options for isolating vibration or download our Standard Products Guide for more information.