Machine Vibration Pads

Machines are a necessity these days for virtually all aspects of our lives. From very small, household appliances to the big hulking, room sized machines and beyond, we rely on machines to do everything from make our food to our vehicles. No matter what size machine we are talking about, there are issues that can make using them unpleasant and even dangerous. Among those problems are noise and vibration. Both these problems can make using the machine unpleasant, not only for the person who is directly operating it but for others who are around it as well.

Vibration increases noise output but it can also do other things as well. Some vibration is necessary but in some cases, the machine may start vibrating more and more, until finally it breaks. Sometimes that break is just a single piece or part that can be easily repaired or replaced and in other cases it means a complete loss of the machine. For the average person, that can mean a minor inconvenience but to a large company that relies on the machine it can be a devastating loss of time and revenue which in turn affects everyone.

A Machine in a Factory Breaks Down: The Chain of Hardship a Single Broken Part Creates

A machine in a factory can be considered its heart – it is the center of the whole operation, creating the product that is being relied on for the livelihood of everyone that works there, from the owner of the factory to the line workers and beyond the doors of that factory. Other people count on that machine and the product it is meant to create as well. For instance, the person who ships the product from factory to marketplace would have nothing to ship if the machine is out of commission. The person at the stores would have no product to sell. The advertisers would have nothing to market to new customers. And the customers are impacted too.

The longer a machine is down, the more the whole chain suffers. Soon there are layoffs at the factory, the customer starts having to pay higher prices for the product that they need. It is all because of damages that might have been avoidable with the right protection.

Moving Sensitive Equipment Requires the Right Protection as Well

Once a machine is in place, the protection from vibration becomes important but that is not when it actually starts. Rather, the need for machine vibration pads begins long before the machine arrives at its final destination at the point of installation. It must be protected during its transportation from point A to point B as well. Any excess jolting of the machine during this process can mean that it will not work correctly once it arrives.

Whether you are shipping a home blender from a warehouse to a customer’s home or moving a huge factory sized machine from one area of the factory to another, protection is key to a safe arrival.

Look at your new blender when it arrives. It probably came encased in Styrofoam packaging and was wedged very tightly into the box to give it some protection. Inside of the casing, other pieces were protecting the motor itself from jolts and damage during shipping. Now, look at a huge machine being moved inside of an even larger truck. That machine requires very special handling and some very serious padding to arrive safely.

Even in the case of a move inside of the factory, where a machine may only need to move a few feet away, it will still need to be protected so that the delicate components are not unduly jostled and potentially broken.

The Unique Properties of Sorbothane® to the Rescue

While most people think that the Styrofoam packaging container is the main source of protection for the small appliance and while that may be true of some of its parts, it is not what is protecting the motor. In huge machinery, the protection comes from special padding material that is meant to absorb the vibration and to deflect it before it can cause damage to the machine.

The material of choice is Sorbothane because in addition to being highly effective at vibration control, it is also very unique in other ways as well. Meant to be used in place of other materials because it is a blend of properties, Sorbothane can be custom metered so that you are getting the exact size and thickness you need, no matter what the application might be.

In addition, it is unique because it is one of the very few materials that can be called environmentally friendly. It is not a product that is made of materials that will damage the earth or uses endangered ingredients. Sorbothane is even listed as non-toxic as determined by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Why You Should Choose Sorbothane for Your Needs

If you need to move a machine or protect it during its operation, you need Sorbothane. If you are looking to stop the accumulated damages from excessive vibration, you need Sorbothane. The first step to finding the right vibration control solution is to search our standard products guide. However, if the right solution is not found there, it is only a matter of contacting the design team to discuss your exact needs.

Whether you need something larger than what is listed in the standard parts or something smaller, the team can help you find exactly what you need. Sometimes it is a matter of slightly modifying an existing product while in other cases, it might be a matter of completely coming up with something new. That is what makes Sorbothane unique, not only as a product but as a company as well, allowing people to find exactly what they are looking for or helping to create the exact right solution. All products are built with the same level of pride whether they were designed by us or are a customer’s solution. Interested in learning more? Contact Sorbothane today.