Vibration Damping For Sensitive Equipment

Are you having problems with vibration affecting your sensitive lab equipment? Unwanted vibration can wreak havoc when you need precision and accuracy from sensitive instruments, electronic devices or even large, floor mounted industrial equipment.

The Problem of Vibration

Everything comes in contact with vibration – with sensitive equipment like a scale, vibration can cause inaccurate readings and can increase the time needed for the scale to zero out.

Vibration can be present within any working environment and may cause multiple problems. The use of a vibration damping material such as a specific isolator can reduce or even eliminate destructive vibration.

How We’ve Solved The Problem In The Past

Sorbothane, Inc. can engineer and produce custom vibration solutions for sensitive lab equipment, electronics, consumer products and industrial components to fit your specific application.

“The situation here is that we have our scales on modular tables. So when we are working on the table with the scales, the readings would bounce around quite a bit and we would have to frequently average the numbers. When it came time to “tare” the scales they would take 1-2 minutes to settle down enough to zero themselves. With Sorbothane® (2” – 30 Durometer Hemispheres) the scales take 5-10 seconds to “tare” and we can pound on the tables with our fists and the readings still remain totally stable!”

Thank you for all your help, Mark Sr. Tech, Manufacturing Engineer

How Our Vibration Solutions Can Help You

Whether you are working with sensitive lab equipment, electronics, consumer products or industrial equipment, Sorbothane is the perfect material to isolate unwanted vibration.

Sorbothane is a unique material exhibiting both solid and liquid properties and can be adapted to any number of uses. Our engineers can discuss your exact needs and provide solutions that will be perfect for your application. Standard Sorbothane products and custom engineered solutions are available to isolate vibration and attenuate shock. Custom components can be specially designed and manufactured to meet your unique vibration damping requirements. Contact us today for your free consultation.