Protect Your Cargo With a Shock Isolator

What is one of the biggest problems people must worry about when they are delivering any type of cargo? Getting that cargo to its destination in one piece. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong during the transport process, from bumpy roads to vehicle accidents on the road, and everything in between.

It is important that when transporting anything that it be properly packed and loaded, and one way to ensure this is to use a material like Sorbothane, which acts as a shock isolator. This way, you know that the cargo you are hauling is going to be protected no matter how long the journey is, and no matter what is dropped in your path, including bad roads.

What Is a Shock Isolator?

A shock isolator is basically something that is going to prevent the vibrations from shock damaging things. One good example is when you are moving furniture. If you do not have some kind of material to act as a shock isolator, and you just pack the furniture in the truck or van so that it is touching each other, you may be taking a huge risk of arriving with damaged furniture. If you are driving on bumpy roads, or even if you simply hit a pothole, the furniture is going to bang against each other, which can cause scratches and even worse.

Anti-Vibration Pads Are Great for Transporting Cargo

If you use anti-vibration pads made with a shock isolator such as Sorbothane, you can expect to have your cargo arrive safe and sound, with no scratches or any other damage. You can get these pads in various sizes, so you can even protect large items without having to piece together pieces of the material. When you are loading cargo, make sure that this material is between each item, and it will basically act as a kind of a bumper pad, protecting everything from smacking together.

Other Uses for Anti-Vibration Pads

Protecting cargo is not the only thing anti-vibration pads can be used for. There are many things that can really use a shock isolator like this. For instance, many pieces of heavy machinery can be made to run quieter and smoother when they are used. In fact, when material such as this is used for heavy machinery and equipment, it can actually help to protect it from being damaged. After all, a lot of these things make a lot of vibrations, and the shock isolator will help keep the vibrations from damaging equipment. In fact, it is even used in many of today’s washing machines, to keep them from “walking” and getting off balance.

Whether you are hauling cargo, moving furniture, or using equipment that makes a lot of vibrations, you can use anti-vibration pads and other shock isolators to protect them from any damage from the shock caused by vibrations. The most popular, and best, products on the market today are made with Sorbothane, and will protect even the most precious of cargo.

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