Anti-Vibration Pads

Sorbothane produces viscoelastic polymer anti-vibration pads that are a versatile and affordable way to isolate shock and vibration as well as reduce noise levels.

Our anti-vibration pads as well as our sheet stock and other standard products are made with Sorbothane®, a highly-damped, viscoelastic, polymeric solid that “flows” like a liquid under load. Sorbothane is a thermoset, polyether-based polyurethane that combines ultra-high energy absorption with amazing memory to produce a highly effective pad.

Sorbothane anti-vibration pads are manufactured in a durometer range from 25 to 85 Shore 00 Scale and Sorbothane’s liquid-solid properties allow it to simultaneously absorb shock and vibration energy and make it preferable to one dimensional materials like rubber and other polyurethanes.

Note: Shore Durometer is the international standard for the hardness measurement of rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials. Durometers are described in the American Society for Testing and Material specification ASTM D2240, which is the recognized specification for the instrument and testing procedures. Select the correct thickness, durometer and the number of pads required for the load from the chart at the bottom of this page.

Sorbothane is a popular material because it has a low creep rate, superior damping coefficient over a very wide temperature range. All in one amazing material, Sorbothane anti vibration pads combine shock absorption, good memory, anti-vibration control and vibration damping characteristics – all into one powerful pad.

Anti-Vibration Control

You can order from our standard products guide or our factory can pour any shape that you need for your custom anti-vibration pads and we can make them in any color or thicknesses. Tooling costs can be as low as $500 per mold.

Regarding the control of vibration, the chart at the right shows Sorbothane’s damping superiority over other elastomers. Low transmissibility means less damage to sensitive components. Isolation at large frequency ratios also shows Sorbothane’s capacity to isolate vibration.

Most vibration pads that you’ll find will adequately absorb machine vibration. Eventually though, time, moisture, grease, oil, solvents and water take their toll as ordinary pads breakdown and deteriorate to the point where you need to replace them. For most pads this deterioration takes anywhere from a week to several months, costing you time and money in parts replacement and downtime of your equipment. Sorbothane on the other hand with it’s unique, liquid solid (viscoelastic) properties makes a great solution for shock and vibration applications and pads and can continue to absorb for millions and millions of cycles.

Silent Feet Win the 2009 Design News Golden Mousetrap Best Product Award

Silent Feet Award

Silent Feet use unique Sorbothane viscoelastic polymer that absorbs and isolates noise and vibration better than any rubber on the market. This is the first application of Sorbothane to a consumer large appliance application. By incorporating Sorbothane as a vibration solution for products like Silent Feet, these anti-vibration pads are able to stop up to 94.7% of washing machine vibration. No other mat, pad or isolator for clothes washers and dryers can provide these same benefits for a reasonable price. Silent Feet have been sold all around the globe and are trusted by thousands of customers and appliance owners who experience their benefits every time they do their laundry. Now is the perfect opportunity to experience this Silent Feet in your home.

You Can Expect The Following From Sorbothane:

  • Controls Vibration
  • Long Fatigue Life
  • Excellent shock absorption and memory
  • Easy Installation and customization
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance Costs
  • Adds life to Machinery and Parts
  • Practically Indestructible
  • Reduces Noise
  • Very Economical
  • Unaffected by Grease, Oil and Water

Would Sorbothane’s anti-vibration pad be a great solution for your product? Request a free quote today.