Protect Your Hearing With Dampening Material

How many loud noises are you exposed to in the run of a day? You may be surprised if you sat down and actually thought about it. Many of the noises we hear are heard so often that we just take them for granted and don’t even notice them. This means that we are exposing ourselves to excessive noise that is going to damage our hearing over time. Even someone who is in the home all day long is exposed to noise, from household appliances to televisions and stereos and much more. One way that you can protect your hearing is to use products that have a dampening material, so noise is greatly reduced and in some cases, even eliminated. One of the best dampening materials on the market today is Sorbothane, and it has many more uses than just reducing noise.

The Benefits of Sorbothane as a Dampening Material

Many of the appliances you use can be quieted when they are made with Sorbothane as a dampening material. Sorbothane is also a shock and vibration absorber, so it will keep certain appliances, such as washing machines, from moving around or “walking.” Sorbothane is also great for machinery and can really help to reduce or eliminate noise in factories. This means that employees will be able to protect their hearing and their health, making them more productive, which will bring more profits for company owners. When hearing is affected by noise, it can lead to stress and other health issues, which can really make for a lot of employee down time, which no employer wants to see. Sorbothane can greatly reduce this employee down time.

A sound dampening material is used to reduce noise by absorbing, isolating, dampening and blocking sounds. There are many products available for sound dampening, but none works nearly as well as Sorbothane. Many of the products we buy today, from household appliances to heavy machinery, have Sorbothane to help with sound and vibration reduction. There are now even blenders made with Sorbothane, making them much less noisy than blenders that do not have this miracle material. Noise and “walking” from washing machines can be reduced or eliminated when Sorbothane is used as a dampening material, and it can help you to have a nice, quiet home.

Musicians can really benefit from using Sorbothane as a dampening material. It can be used to insulate rooms to make them quieter and create terrific acoustics for rehearsing or recording. Sorbothane is even used in many CD/DVD players to reduce vibration and unwanted noise. Even sound test chambers have Sorbothane to help reduce noise.

You no longer need to rely on headphones or ear plugs to protect your hearing. When you have products that use Sorbothane as a dampening material, you will not have to worry about excessive noise causing any damage to your hearing. It is wonderful for reducing sound in factories and other businesses, and it can be used to reduce common household noises that can eventually affect your hearing.

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