Sorbothane: The Most Effective Damping Material in the World

Noise, it is all around us, everywhere we go. Some noises are tolerable and noises that we are used to hearing all the time. Others are quite loud and can actually damage our hearing if we are exposed to them for any length of time. One example of this is anyone who works in a factory around loud machinery. These days, a lot of people who work in noisy environments use ear plugs to protect their hearing, but employers are actually taking hearing protection one step further, and they are taking steps to make their equipment less noisy and therefore safer for employees to be around. One way this is being done is by using Sorbothane an incredibly effective damping material that helps to not only dampen sound, but it also eliminates vibrations and is a shock absorber.

What Makes Sorbothane a Great Damping Material?

Sorbothane is a polyurethane material that is polyether-based. It has vibration isolation and damping characteristics, and it is one of the best materials on the market today for reducing or eliminating unwanted noise. It is often used as an acoustic damper and absorber, and it is wonderful for use in recording studios and other areas where music is being played. In fact, your CD/DVD player may even have Sorbothane in it to reduce vibration that causes noise and damage. Sorbothane is used for many things in the music industry, from creating better acoustics in studios and practice areas to reducing vibrations in speakers and amplifiers.

Using a damping material such as Sorbothane can help to eliminate a lot of excessive noise from machinery, which can damage hearing and cause even more serious health problems and cause employee down time. There are many ways that Sorbothane can be used to deaden sound. One way is to create a room that is insulated with Sorbothane, which will be a much quieter working environment. Another great investment to make is machinery that has a damping material such as Sorbothane. This may not seem like much, but it can go a long way in protecting the health of employees.

Save Money for Your Business

When you use Sorbothane as a noise damping material for your business, you are going to be saving a lot of money for your company in the long run. When you eliminate or at least reduce noise, your employees are going to be healthier, and they won’t be taking as many sick days. This means that productivity is going to remain high, and you are going to continue seeing profits, rather than having employees calling in sick all the time and work is not getting done.

If you are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate noise in your factory or other business that has a lot of loud machinery, the best way to do it is to take advantage of everything that Sorbothane has to offer. The investment you make now could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future, which is going to show in your company profits.

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