Satisfied Sorbothane Customer

Olivia was in search of a product that would reduce the amount of noise and vibration in her apartment. She chose to purchase Sorbothane® products in hopes that the noise in her apartment would be reduced, possibly eliminated.

Sorbothane Pre-Made Products Solves Everyday Problems

“I live in a very fancy, very expensive, very old, apartment complex in Sydney. The floors are all uninsulated wood, suspended across masonry walls. There is nothing in this building that does not creak, vibrate, or bang. Until I got involved. Because I love materials science, and I love solving my problems.

Now every door has Sorbothane bumpers, every speaker system has Sorbothane pads. One day if you ever make Sorbothane acoustic fill, or under rug matting, they will all be Sorbothane (let me know!).

All my doors, and cabinets close with a little ‘bbmp” noise, not a slam, and no one complains about the washing machine noise anymore. I added very thick Sorbothane pads with metal plates resting on top of them under my husband’s treadmill – now it’s practically silent when downstairs under it. Which is astounding because it weighs SIX HUNDRED POUNDS and he runs marathons on it.

Sorbothane being used underneath a satisfied customer's treadmill in a second-floor apartment

I even bought thin Sorbothane sheeting and cut-out custom insoles for my high heels. “How do you walk in those?!” hahaha, Sorbothane!

It’s been a real godsend, and I feel like the noise reduction god. My husband thinks I’m addicted, but I don’t care. Let me know what else you come up with. I’ll buy it. Thank you,”


Not All Problems Require a Custom Solution

Our pre-made Standard Industrial Products range from bumpers to sheet stock, and everything in between. Since Sorbothane Standard Industrial Products are available in various sizes and quantities, these products make the perfect solution to dampen unwanted shock, vibration, and noise. Explore our catalog of products to learn more.

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