Sorbothane Components Help Stabilize Cameras for the Motion Picture Industry

The Client: SHOTOVER

shot over camera mounted on carSorbothane® “bumpers” work to isolate unwanted vibration from the camera in the SHOTOVER mobile system. SHOTOVER designs and builds high performance mobile and unmanned aerial vehicle camera systems for the broadcast, motion picture, surveillance and industrial markets. SHOTOVER’S line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms offers an unmatched level of stability, control, and versatility.

Developed with input from Hollywood’s top cinematographers, All SHOTOVER products are open platform – allowing operators to utilize new professional cameras, lenses, and accessories as they come to market. SHOTOVER was born from an obsession with flying, filmmaking, and broadcasting. The most respected engineers, pilots, and cinematographers in the industry founded and built SHOTOVER.

The Challenge: Remove Vibration and Integrate Stability, Versatility and Ease of Use

SHOTOVER partnered with Sorbothane engineers in developing the components that would remove vibration as part of a complete mobile system that integrates stability, versatility, and ease of use. Utilized on blockbuster motion pictures, documentaries, high profile sporting events, broadcast television, and advertising, SHOTOVER systems can be mounted on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost anything that moves.

Sorbothane Both Absorbs Shock and Isolates Vibration

vibration damping material on cameraSorbothane is a proprietary material that both absorbs shock and isolates vibration. It has been proven effective for 40 years. Both scientifically and real world proven Sorbothane components are specified in numerous products across varied markets and disciplines. When an appropriate standard Sorbothane part can’t be identified our engineers are ready to help engineer, design and produce the ideal Sorbothane damper or isolator to meet individual project objectives.


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