Vibration Isolation Pads

Explore the versatility of Sorbothane® as the optimal solution for vibration isolation. Vibration isolation padding can take many forms and serve many purposes. Sorbothane is a castable, viscoelastic polymer material that can be shaped and colored to meet your needs. Its unique, liquid-solid (viscoelastic) properties make Sorbothane the material of choice for shock and vibration applications and pads.

Why Choose Sorbothane?

  • Versatility: Offers effective vibration control.
  • Durability: Features long fatigue life and is practically indestructible.
  • Performance: Provides excellent shock absorption and retains its shape after impact.
  • Convenience: Allows easy Installation and customization.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduces maintenance costs and is economically
  • Protection: Extends the life of machinery and parts.
  • Resistance: Remains unaffected by grease, oil and water.
  • Noise Reduction: Effectively reduces noise

R&D Expertise

Let our R&D department help in the development of special application requirements. Sorbothane has been used in many industries for vibration isolation pads and many other applications. Many entrepreneurs and engineers have utilized Sorbothane in their products in industries such as:

Innovative Applications

From professional race cars to stereo equipment, Sorbothane has been instrumental in crafting solutions for vibration isolation and impact protection. Its applications include anti-vibration gloves, vehicle seat cushions, professional sports gear like knee pads, and insole pads, ensuring comprehensive body protection.

We can protect the body from head to toe in many ways. We’ve designed shock and vibration isolation pad solutions to protect your head, shoulders, knees, toes, and all body parts in between. Your imagination is the only limitation!

Sorbothane Customization and Options

Tennis racket wraps, baseball glove inserts, knee and elbow pads, and rowing pads now provide increased comfort and protection thanks to Sorbothane. Whether you need custom-shaped pads, sheets, or a unique color, our Sorbo Gel™ is an ideal choice when maximum protection and minimum weight are essential.

Sorbo Gel, a translucent version of Sorbothane, is offered as a lighter-weight alternative to Sorbothane. Sorbo Gel is particularly useful where minimum weight and maximum protection are desired.

Wide-Range Efficacy

Sorbothane’s efficacy spans various temperatures and frequencies, making it the ideal solution for a plethora of noise and vibration control applications.

Discover More Vibration Solutions

Delve deeper into why Sorbothane is the unrivaled solution for vibration isolation materials and pads. View our standard products guide, custom parts, and our comprehensive online/downloadable brochure for an extensive overview of our shock and vibration solutions.