Why Sorbothane is Your Best Bet for Vibration Protection

We’ve all seen it happen at one time or another. Whether we are working with certain tools, or using a stereo, we have noticed unwanted vibrations coming from the equipment and have tried to find ways to minimize this vibration. Throughout the years, people have come up with various ways to minimize vibrations from many things, and one of the best ways that has been found is by using Sorbothane, a material that is the best for eliminating vibrations and is a wonderful shock absorber.

What Is Sorbothane?

In 1982, Sorbothane was invented and patented by Dr. Maurice Hiles, who discovered the material while researching the energy dissipation properties of the soft tissue of humans. He discovered that the material he had created was quite similar to the structure of human skin, and he began to really work on developing the material to be used as a sound and vibration damper. Sorbothane has many similarities to other materials, including rubber, but it works much better for vibration protection and it is a lot more durable.

Sorbothane is often used as a shock absorber and vibration damper. Remember the “bowling ball” mattress commercials, where someone would drop a bowling ball on a bed that had a glass of wine on it and the wine would not spill? Well, this is exactly what Sorbothane does and it does it a lot better than any other material in the world. This is a material that is even used by NASA to eliminate vibrations from damaging shuttle cameras during launches and it was also used to transport the Liberty Bell. Not only does Sorbothane cut back on vibrations, it also is a shock absorber and is used by many athletes in their shoes and it is even used in baseball gloves.

Sorbothane for Vibration Protection

Most machines have at least one part that is going to vibrate somewhat. In a lot of cases, machines can do a lot of vibrating, and it is necessary to find a way to stop the vibrations to make it work better, which means that parts are not going to break down as quickly, saving you time and money on repairs. Even some of the things you use in your home, including stereo equipment, probably has Sorbothane to help with vibration protection.

There are so many ways that Sorbothane can be used to reduce many types of vibrations. Many of the things you use in your home may already have Sorbothane in them, such as your stereo and maybe even your washer and dryer. One of the biggest complaints people had about their washing machines in the past was “walking,” which can be pretty much eliminated when Sorbothane is used.

Take a look around your home and you will find all kinds of things that vibrate, and these can all be made to work better when they are made with Sorbothane for vibration protection. You can find many things made with Sorbothane, from washing machines to blenders, and when they have Sorbothane, you can expect to have them last a lot longer than those without this fantastic material.

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