Sound Damping with Sorbothane

There are many noises we hear every day, and a lot of these noises can actually damage our hearing. For instance, if you work in a factory, chances are that you are working in an environment where there is a lot of noise. At the very least, you should be wearing ear plugs to protect your hearing. Many companies these days are taking steps to really protect their employees, and if the work environment is loud, they are working on ways to eliminate at least some of the noise. One way they can do this is by using Sorbothane.

Sorbothane is a viscoelastic, polymeric solid that is a great advancement for the audio industry, where it is used in many audio components, including CD/DVD players and speaker isolators to cut down on vibration. It is also used to line the walls of acoustic test chambers and wave tanks. This material has high energy absorption, and it not only is a great sound damper, it also absorbs shock and vibration much better than other materials that have been previously used for this purpose, including rubber.

Great for Musicians

Here is a really great example of how you can use Sorbothane to your advantage for sound damping. Let’s say that someone in your home is a musician and plays in a band. If that band practices in the home, there is going to be a lot of noise throughout the house. But, if you use the right type of sound damping, like Sorbothane, you can limit most of the noise to the room the band is practicing in. If you have ever been in a room where a band practices, you have probably seen carpeting or even empty egg crates on the walls for sound damping and better acoustics.

Sorbothane will work even better. Not only is this going to be better for everyone in the home who doesn’t want to hear this noise, but it is also going to provide much better acoustics for the musicians. Obviously, this situation is not going to happen all the time, but you get the idea.

Cut Back on Employee Down Time

When you run a business, the thing that is most important is keeping production and profits up. But, depending on the type of business you operate, it may be that there are a lot of things that are causing employee down time, such as high levels of noise. When a person is exposed to loud noises for long periods of time, such as an eight-hour work day, it can really do a lot of damage to their hearing and can result in employee down time due to health issues and medical appointments. When you use a sound damper like Sorbothane, you can reduce the noise levels and protect the hearing of your employees.

No matter what the reason is, if you need a material that is going to be a great sound damper, you need to use Sorbothane. Whether it is for better acoustics for musicians, or to protect employee hearing and health, you need to have Sorbothane as a sound damper.

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