Vibration Damping and Sorbothane: How Custom Order Parts Can Save the Day

Vibration damping is important, especially in sensitive sound equipment. Vibration can come from either inside or outside of a machine and can cause damage to delicate structures. In most cases, sound equipment, either for recording or for listening to music, can be greatly damaged and the sound quality comprised by excessive vibration. To solve this issue, vibration damping is typically used.

In some cases, the vibration damping material can be something as simple as cotton to muffle some of the distortion caused by the vibration, but this does nothing to reduce the actual vibration, which means that none of the actual damage is avoided. The longer the damage is allowed to continue, the more potential harm can be accumulated.

Choosing a Better Vibration Damping System with Sorbothane

There are some suggestions for vibration damping, but some are far inferior to Sorbothane. For instance, suggestions that include rubber can be a problem because rubber, while a durable material, is not temperature stable and can be damaged under certain situations. Excessive cold can make the rubber material become brittle and break. And, while rubber is stretchable, it does have limitations. The further that you stretch rubber past its safest stretch point, the more likely it will be to break under the stress. It may also collapse under heavy loads.

Sorbothane is unique in that it has the properties of liquid materials as well as those of solids. Created to be strong and pliable, it can be used in delicate machines that could otherwise be harmed by poorly constructed materials. Sorbothane is also meant to have a very low creep rate and to be more temperature and load stable than other materials.

Some types of materials can only be used in certain colors, which can limit their application. Sorbothane, however, is available in a wide range of colors and can sometimes be custom blended if the color that you need is not already listed as available.

The Exact Vibration Damping System that You Need

On the Sorbothane product list are a number of different vibration damping systems that can be used in various components. However, there will be some instances where the right one cannot be found on the list. In that case, you can order exactly what you need, by thickness, size, shape and even color if applicable so that your vibration isolation system is the perfect one for your machine’s needs. If you’re dedicated to preventing damage and want good sound quality in the process, then you will definitely want to investigate the use of custom ordered parts from Sorbothane.

Your custom order can be made as thin or thick as you need, depending on what your application is going to be and the configurations that you are working with. If you are unsure about your custom sized vibration damping piece, then you should work with a representative who can help you choose the right size and thickness.

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