Vibration Isolator and Sorbothane

Most machines, even those that are fairly basic or rudimentary, are made of parts that spin, rotate or move to and fro. In many cases, these movements can cause vibrations that may make the other parts move in ways that are different from how they were designed to move. That additional movement can make the machine move out of place, be excessively noisy or, in the case of a vehicle, to be uncomfortable to ride in.

Over time, that vibration can also cause parts to break down, leading to the expense of either repairing the machine or replacing it, depending on which makes more sense. It is far simpler to try to prevent some of this damage from happening in the first place by using a vibration isolator to protect some of the parts from the vibrations of others.

One machine part that is intended to vibrate may eventually transfer some of its motion to other parts that are not meant to move – which is a major mechanical problem.

Sorbothane Vibration Isolator, the Perfect Solution.

Sorbothane is a unique material, one that acts like a liquid but is actually a solid. Comprised of visco-elastic polymers, it is meant to absorb excess vibrations without hampering the performance of the machine itself. It can be made to be as thin as possible or can be made to be thicker, depending on the actual design needs.

In addition to the ability to custom order Sorbothane by thickness or by overall size, you can also order it in a wide range of colors, which makes it perfect for external applications as well as for designs that will keep it hidden from view.

Why Choose a Sorbothane Vibration Isolator over a Different Type

Some types of vibration isolators are made of rubber or other materials. While these materials can be beneficial, there are some drawbacks. Rubber, when exposed to certain conditions, can become brittle and then break. In high temperatures, which can be present in certain types of high performance motors, rubber can melt and become gummy. Other materials may have similar drawbacks, causing the isolator to fail eventually. The more fragile or unstable the material, the more likely it is to fail at the worst possible time.

How to Get the Right Sorbothane Vibration Isolator

If there is a need for a vibration isolator, it is possible that you can find the right one in the Sorbothane Standard Product Guide. However, if you do not see the right size, shape or thickness or even the right color vibration isolator, you can place a custom order for your product. All you need are the right dimensions and you can get exactly what you need for your machine’s protection.

For some applications, color may not matter at all, but for visible applications, the right color choice might be the perfect finishing touch on your product. There are a wide range of colors to choose from.

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