Vibration Isolation Pads For Large Industrial Machines

All products need to be protected from the damages of vibration both while en route to their new location and upon arrival in that location. Vibration can be deadly to many types of products from the very small to the very large, even if it does not seem to be a technical item. Even an item that does not have its own motor can be damaged by excessive vibration during its transportation and may never be fully the same again because of it. That is why protecting precious cargo with vibration isolation pads is so vitally important.

A Specific Example: Transporting a Non-Motorized Item

Take as an example, an antique chest of drawers. It is a simple piece of furniture made of wood without any kind of motor or delicate components. Vibration does not matter to it, right? Wrong – vibration does matter, on a number of levels.

First, the piece is being subjected to vibration from the moment it is lifted onto a dolly and then wheeled onto the truck. The longer the distance the truck must travel, the more vibration the item will endure. If it is not properly protected from movement as well as vibration the risk of damage becomes greatly exaggerated. For instance, the piece could end up with serious scratches that will mark its surface and lower its value. But, there are other things that are happening as well.

When the piece is pulled from the truck and brought in, the owner will go to open the drawers and find that they are sticking or completely stuck. Once they are forced open they either do not close or they close incorrectly. The automatic assumption may be that the piece has been exposed to humidity or is just reacting to a climate change. That might not be entirely true. If the piece was not insulated from the vibrations of the truck moving over the road, it is possible that its joints, especially dovetailed joints, have jarred slightly askew.

Why Motor Vibration Can Be So Serious to You and Your Machine

A machine is meant to make life easier for the humans that use them, not make them more miserable. But that is exactly what is likely if there is no protection from vibration. Motors vibrate and make noise. The faster the motor, the more vibrations and the more noise. That noise and vibration can make it uncomfortable to use the machine or to even be around it. Both can also reduce the life expectancy of the machine or product in question.

Let’s say that you have a washing machine – its life expectancy is roughly fifteen years but it is habitually out of balance and the vibrations rattle the entire house. You are miserable whenever you use the washing machine because of the noise. Eventually, that vibration causes it to break down, damaging key parts inside of its motor. Instead of lasting a decade and a half, it is dead in roughly seven years or only half as long as it should have lasted.

Now, imagine that instead of a washing machine, this was a delicate but very expensive machine in a local factory. It is vitally important that the machines that we all must rely on be protected in the right way.

Using a vibration isolation pad for that machine keeps it from absorbing the vibration from neighboring machines and from other, outside forces but also keeps it from generating its own force in the process. It is a chain reaction which becomes a vicious circle if there is not a way to stop it.

How Noise Levels Destroy Productivity

In a factory, noise is part of the job, an occupational hazard that while normal, must be minimized as much as possible. While many workers will wear ear protection to reduce the noise they must deal with, it is also important to reduce some of the sources of the noise as well. Using a vibration isolation pad ensures that at least some of the noise generated by certain machines will be taken care of and reduced to minimize the discomfort of the people that must work around them.

Noise related illnesses, including but not limited to hearing loss, ear infections and headaches can cause lingering, long term affects that reduce the productivity of the factory. It can also reduce the quality of life for the person on the line as well.

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