Vibration Isolation Pads from Sorbothane

Vibration Isolation Pads

A good vibration isolation solution lowers the natural frequency of a system to below the excitation (or disturbing) frequency. Keeping these two frequencies “out of sync” eliminates resonance and greatly reduces the problems of vibration.

The physical properties of Sorbothane® are unique, and have become the industry standard in the pursuit to isolate external vibrations which affect the performance of source components.

Vibration Isolation in Electronics

Sorbothane is widely used to isolate delicate electronics – printed circuit boards, LCD’s disk drives and other devices. Applications have included rocket launchers and wind turbines among others.

Vibration Isolation in Acoustics

The Sorbothane hemispheres are used throughout the world in the highest quality audio equipment for acoustical damping and vibration isolation. In addition we can offer custom designed solutions to improve your system. Sorbothane can be used to support your hi-fi components, isolating them from all mechanical and loudspeaker induced vibrations. External vibrations are dissipated away from your components by transferring the vibrations into a form of heat, undetectable to the human touch.

Vibration Isolation in High Frequency Mechanical Vibration and Violent Shaking

From washing machines to the Space Shuttle and every industrial application possible, vibration isolation by Sorbothane is there.

Thanks to the patented materials used in Silent Feet washing machine pads, the vibrations are actually absorbed away. In fact vibrations can be reduced up to 94.7% by using Silent Feet vibration pads. Comparison tests have shown that Silent Feet outperform the next best pad isolators by 60%. The extraordinary viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane even allow the company to back Silent Feet with a lifetime warranty.

NASA uses Sorbothane pads to isolate vibration in cameras on the Space Shuttle. NASA uses Sorbothane to vibration isolate pumps on the International Space Station. NASA is using Sorbothane to vibration/shock mount electronics on the new ARES I rocket – the replacement for the Space Shuttle, due to launch in 2012. So if NASA can trust Sorbothane for their vibration isolation can’t you?

Custom Vibration Isolation Pad Applications

Vibration Isolation Pads

Although a range of standard products are available, Sorbothane can manufacture custom designed vibration isolation solutions to your requirement. Tooling costs are required but they’re relatively inexpensive. You can also manufacture your own solution using sheeting, strip. disc and block products.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use Sorbothane’s vibration isolation pads for your product or application, our engineering team can provide a custom solution. Contact us to learn more.