Sorbothane and the Vibration Pad

Vibration can be damaging to sensitive working parts in a motor or other component. The more sensitive the part, the more likely it is to suffer damage if there is excessive vibration. There are a number of ways that you can solve the problem of vibration isolation, but not all of them are going to be effective in every application. In some cases you will either have to tolerate the vibration, knowing that you are shortening the life span of your component, or sacrifice some of the performance to slow the vibration speed down.

Taking Vibration Out of the Equation

In some cases, slowing down the speed of the motor or component may be an effective in vibration isolation, but that will certainly cause a loss of velocity. Some motors cannot work correctly if they are not allowed to gather speed and move as rapidly as they were intended. It can not only destroy the way the motor performs, but can also cause damage to other parts.

In some cases, the vibration might be caused by a rapidly turning fan that is meant to keep dust or debris out of the motor as well as to help cool it down. If this fan is not turning fast enough, then the motor can become too hot and may be damaged by that.

A vibration pad is typically used to control at least some of the vibration that is dangerous to your application.

If a Solution is Not Already in Place

In the design of some motors, there is an adjustment made for vibration that is meant to protect the more delicate parts. But even these designs may be a little less than perfect and may leave some room for improvement. Sorbothane is a unique material- a solid that acts like a liquid, flowing and moving without breaking or cracking. It is technically a viscoelastic polymer with a number of properties that makes it perfect for a wide range of applications. It can withstand great amounts of pressure when used in huge applications but can also be applied in a whisper thin coating for smaller, more intricate uses. In addition, if you cannot find the right vibration pad in the right size or color, you can custom order one that will be perfect for you.

Why Sorbothane

For decades, Sorbothane has been the vibration pad of choice for a wide range of applications from single applications to huge commercial needs. The company has a wide ranging catalog of already made and in stock pads that can fit your needs, but if you do not find what you need, you can special order a custom fit and designed pad, no matter what you need it for.

For some people, the need for a specially designed vibration pad can be a simple process but for a more complex piece, additional planning might be necessary along with a discussion with the design team. It can all be handled though, and your specially created and unique vibration pad will soon be in place, ready to work.

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