Vibration Solution

A Vibration Solution For Your Computer

Whether you’re a computer designer or a computer owner, you have to deal with vibrations. For designers and engineers, vibrations can make or break a product as they impact product durability and performance. Excessive vibration can cause your computer to wear out and fall apart much more quickly. Sorbothane® offers a versatile, viscoelastic vibration absorption solution that can be employed in multiple ways to control vibrations effectively for both computer designers and computer owners.

Vibration Absorption for Engineers & Designers

For engineers and designers crafting or refurbishing computers, managing vibrations is pivotal for a successful project. Whether you’re building an entirely new computer or just rebuilding an older model, you’ll have to deal with vibrations.

Sorbothane offers a multifaceted application, including compact pads that prevent the transfer of vibrations between computer parts. These pads have found utility in diverse sectors, mitigating vibrations in machinery and engines of varied dimensions and types.

Solutions for Computer Owners

Sorbothane serves as a practical vibration solution for computer owners. It can minimize noises emanating from older machines that may vibrate more than a new model. It also can safeguard costly equipment from harmful vibrations that can accelerate wear and tear.

For example, a computer vibrating on your desk can create disruptive noises. Sorbothane, Inc.’s absorbent pads can absorb these sound vibrations, protecting your peace of mind. Moreover, a Sorbothane-lined case can guard your laptop against constant vibrations and potential drops, absorbing the shock from varied movements before it can damage your computer.

This isn’t the most common way that computer owners use Sorbothane though. It is more often used to protect equipment from vibrations. For instance, if you’re carrying around your laptop, especially in a car or plane or somewhere else where constant vibrations could cause wear and tear, you need to protect the components as best you can.

Discover More Versatile Vibration Solutions

Sorbothane provides a myriad of solutions for vibration control. Its adaptability allows it to be manufactured into an extensive array of products, ensuring that if you have a component requiring shielding from vibration, Sorbothane is your go-to solution.

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