What’s a Solid Viscoelastic Material?

Use a solid Viscoelastic material.

    • What’s a solid viscoelastic material? It is a material that possesses characteristics of a liquid substance, alongside of attributes of a solid substance.
    • Such a material, when impacted by of a force, will absorb energy and flow as if it were a viscous liquid.
    • Once the source of the impact force is removed, a viscoelastic material will behave as an elastic solid, dissipating energy and returning its original shape.
    • Sorbothane® takes absorbed energy and safely disperses it perpendicular to the source in the form of heat.

What makes Sorbothane a superior solid viscoelastic material?

    • Sorbothane is a proprietary solid viscoelastic polymer.
    • It is a highly effective energy absorber—demonstrating this effectiveness across a wide range of applications including: shock absorption, vibration isolation, and noise damping. In fact, shock energy absorption nearing 95% has been demonstrated by Sorbothane.
    • Sorbothane possesses the superior capability to safely and efficiently disperse absorbed energy—as heat—outward from the point of impact.
    • Unlike similar materials, Sorbothane: possesses a superior damping coefficient; is castable in any desired thickness, shape, or size; maintains its effectiveness across a broad range of temperatures; is resistant to an array of chemical substances; has a long product life; is cost-effective; and can be cast, cut, or customized for specific applications.
    • Sorbothane is not only an answer to—What’s a solid viscoelastic material?—it is, more importantly, the answer to—What’s the best solid viscoelastic material?

Find standard Sorbothane products and customization.

    • Sorbothane has developed unique solid viscoelastic products to address a wide range of needs.
    • To absorb shock and mitigate vibration in industrial equipment, use Sorbothane Bushings and Washers. Couple the two to form a floating bolt—that isolates the unit from damage due to metal-to-metal contact.
    • When you ship sensitive optics, electronics, or hardware—employ Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings—rings that provide impact protection.
    • Your workers will also benefit from products such as our Anti-Vibration Gloves and the Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet. The gloves provide vibration damping for workers using pneumatic hand tools. Our mallet has the capability of conforming to irregular surfaces—providing maximum surface contact. And, since our mallet does not mar or dent the working surface, it is ideal for fine carpentry and auto body applications. When using the Soft-Blow Mallet, the force impact energy of the blow is effectively dissipated by the Sorbothane material. This virtually eliminates impact shock and hand jarring for your workers.
    • Sorbothane also affords hearing protection by functioning as a sound deadener in industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and appliances.
    • This unique polymeric material has been incorporated into a line of insoles—Sorbothane RX Sorbo®, Performance Insoles, and Performance Graphite Arch Insoles—to improve comfort, relieve pain, and minimize orthopedic injuries and conditions.
    • To address specific vibration and impact shock absorption needs, Sorbothane Strips and Sheet Stock are offered.
    • By incorporating Sorbothane into your product designs, you can effectively dampen vibration and noise in audio equipment, and provide superior shock absorption in sensitive electronics.

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