What is the Best Type of Shock Resistant Material?

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What is Shock?

    • Shock results when a relatively high impact force is delivered in a short amount of time.
    • This shock wave of energy is responsible for causing injury or damage to the individuals or items on the receiving end of the shock wave.
    • These adverse effects occur as the energy of the shock is transferred from the source of the impact force to the affected entity.

Damaging Effects of Shock and Shock Resistance

    • The transfer of damaging shock energy that originates from an impact force causes damage and injury.
    • Shock will ultimately lead to rework, waste, and downtime.
    • To resist the detrimental effects of shock, you need to discover a means for safely and effectively absorbing shock energy.

What is the Best Type of Shock Resistant Material?

    • Sorbothane® is the most efficient energy absorbing material available today. It is the best shock resistant material on the market.
    • Whether you need a shock resistant material that will protect workers from injury, equipment from breakdown, or product from damage, you will find Sorbothane to be the best at meeting your need. Runners, industrial equipment operators, pneumatic tool users, machine parts, and sensitive cargo all benefit from the shock resistant properties of Sorbothane. Avoiding injury, damage, and loss will improve your business’s bottom line.

What is Sorbothane and How Can It Effectively Resist Shock?

    • Sorbothane has been on the market since 1982. This unique polymeric material demonstrates viscoelastic properties. As a viscoelastic polymer, Sorbothane will possess the properties of a liquid (a viscous solution—ones that can flow) together with those of a solid (an elastic material).
    • When impacted by shock, Sorbothane will flow as a liquid.
    • Once a force is removed, Sorbothane displays the characteristics of an elastic solid by returning to its original shape.
    • Sorbothane, displaying a unique property of a viscoelastic polymer, safely disperses absorbed energy. This energy is dissipated outward from the source of the shock impact in the form of heat.
    • What is the best type of shock resistant material? Sorbothane—this proprietary material has accomplished energy shockwave absorption of nearly 95 percent. And, unlike fluid-based or foam shock absorbers, Sorbothane has been proven to be capable of this level of shock absorption for millions of cycles.
    • Sorbothane is specified by engineers worldwide for its shock resistant properties.

Addressing Your Shock Resistant Needs with Sorbothane

Sorbothane has created a line of products that afford shock resistance protection.

    • Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings resist shock that damages or destroys delicate or sensitive items during shipping.
    • Machinery is protected by our Sorbothane Bushings and Washers.
    • By combining our Isolation Rings, Bushings, and Washers, you are effectively creating a floating bolt—isolating your equipment from damaging metal-to-metal contact.
    • You will discover unique Sorbothane products, such as our Soft-Blow Mallet, that will benefit your workers.
    • Strips and Sheet Stock, available from Sorbothane, provide you with the opportunity to address your unique applications.

Interested in learning how Sorbothane can work as a shock resistant solution for your product or application? Contact Sorbothane today to learn more or request a quote.