Anti-Vibration Mount

Keep It Steady With A Camera Anti Vibration Mount

Whether you’re shooting a video of a roller derby match in a noisy arena, mounting a camera on a moving vehicle or shooting still footage at a child’s birthday party, the chances of vibrations occurring against your camera are very high. You can take care of this problem by using an anti-vibration mount. If you can’t find what you need, why not use Sorbothane to invent your own mount for your camera?

Sorbothane is a proprietary viscoelastic substance that is superior to other solutions at absorbing shocks and vibrations and dissipating them into heat energy. In layman’s terms, this means that all the little vibrations – whether from loud noises, bouncing kids, a vibrating engine or a floor that is moving – that can affect your camera’s shot will be absorbed into the Sorbothane on the mount. Some of that vibration energy will be dissipated into small amounts of heat that you won’t really even be able to detect. In essence, Sorbothane can create a mount that will keep your camera steady no matter what the conditions.

Sorbothane has, in fact, already been used in cameras around the world. In one instance, engineers used it to create a mount for the cameras that go inside of racecars so that television programs can have in-the-car shots during a race. Obviously, the inside of a racecar is full of vibrations from the engine, the friction of the wheels on the racetrack, and the sounds that everything makes. The mounts that are used inside the vehicles can absorb some of these vibrations so that the cameras are steadier. This is great for the viewers of the televised races because they don’t end up getting a headache from a vibrating picture, but it’s also good for the actual camera too.

One thing that most photographers and videographers are very aware of is that vibrations of any kind can easily mess up the delicate interior workings of a camera. If your camera is subjected to constant, small vibrations that move its inner parts, that will eventually have an effect on how well the camera works. So, if you’re always shooting in areas where vibrations are a problem or where your mount is likely to get jostled, a Sorbothane anti vibration mount will not only save your shot, but it will also help save your camera.

There are many other great uses for this material that many photographers and videographers have found, too. If you need a good way to protect your camera when it’s not mounted, for instance while you’re traveling, using a case lined with this solid-liquid substance can help protect your camera from bumps and even falls. Because of the way that Sorbothane absorbs and releases energy, your camera can be protected from everything from minor jostling when you’re in the car on the way to a shoot or during major falls that can happen when you drop an entire camera case. Obviously this is a substance that any photographer or videographer should check out!

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